TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

World reacts to the birth of a new British heir

News of the birth of the new Prince of Cambridge made headlines not just in England but around the world yesterday, as everyone from Michelle Obama to Jimmy Fallon commented on the royal birth. NBC’s Tamron Hall reports.

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>> everyone is talking and tweeting about from fellow parents to late night talk show hosts.

>> it was a memorable day for maternity wards.

>> it was a beautiful moment and i'll never forget this day.

>> reporter: at the medical center in new jersey they welcomed their newborn daughter around the same time as another special delivery half a world away .

>> she'll know that her birthday was always a very big celebration worldwide. so that will be a fun story to tell her.

>> reporter: while at santa monica 's ucla medical center this mom to be has two reasons to remember her royal connection.

>> his name is going to be william. having the name and the day, that's pretty amazing.

>> reporter: from maternity wards to times square , the royal birth was a global phenomenon reaching well beyond london. from cannon salutes and tributes on tv, to international headlines, the birth of the royal baby is generating excitement worldwide and buildings all over canada went blue to celebrate the birth. the new parents also getting words of wisdom from america's first couple michelle obama personally tweeting. congratulations to the duke and duchess of cambridge on the birth of their son. being a parent is the best job of all. while it made headlines this morning, there were punch lines last night as well.

>> kate middleton went into labor in london. when the rest of the royal family heard that they were like oh my god, what's labor? work?

>> leave it to jimmy.

>> but have to admit even if people didn't appreciate the hype, as soon as the news bulletin came across it was a boy and now it's what's the name. you get caught up a little bit.

>> it's nice to have something to smile about.