TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Town crier gate-crashes royal baby announcement

The town crier who snagged a bit of the spotlight in Monday’s royal baby announcement was a gate -crasher! Tony Appleton, 76, simply walked up to the doors of St. Mary’s Hospital in his bright clothing and started his speech.

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>> the good news? i guess not.

>> hear ye, hear ye.

>> not the official town crier. his name is tony appleton. a 76 year old -- wow -- took it upon himself to announce the arrival of the royal baby. he told yahoo he simply crashed the party. showed up at the hospital. didn't expect to be allowed on the front steps but he was. his advice for william and kate, have more kids. i'm waiting for the next one to do it again.

>> he's just a guy and all the press turned their cameras on him.

>> nbc special report natalie was like looking over like who is he.

>> he was right in front of the door but when we were in london for the olympics i felt like every other corner had a town crier.

>> a big growth industry.

>> all right and that is what is trending today.

>> still ahead on the 8:00