TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

George Zimmerman assists family after car accident

Nearly a week and a half after his acquittal, George Zimmerman is in the news again, this time as a good Samaritan after stopping to help a family involved in a roll-over auto accident. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> is back in the news this morning this time as a good samaritan. days after his acquittal he helped rescue a family trapped inside an overturned car on the highway. mark potter is in sanford, florida with that story. mark, good morning.

>> good morning to you savannah, behind me is where the accident occurred. a one car rollover and george zimmerman and another man helped get a family out of that vehicle.

>> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty.

>> the incident occurred just four days after george zimmerman was found not guilty in his second-degree murder trial. police say last wednesday an suv carrying two adults and their two children was traveling northbound on the off ramp of highway 417 at interstate 4 when the driver lost control, went off the road and the vehicle rolled over. witnesses calling 911 noted some people had already stopped to help.

>> there was tons of smoke and other people were starting to rush towards the vehicle.

>> reporter: the seminole county sheriff's office says one of the good samaritans was george zimmerman . when a deputy arrived at the scene. two men, one of who was george zimmerman -- had already helped assist the family by getting them out of the overturned vehicle. the statement said zimmerman was not a witness to the crash and left after making contact with the deputy. no injuries were reported. zimmerman 's brother robert tweeted george saw a need, he acted. our parents taught us to help, never to boost. humility is george 's finest trait. and while the verdict has many people divided over issues of race and self-defense, zimmerman 's attorney mark o'mara says he's not surprised by zimmerman 's actions along the highway.

>> that's just what he does. so the idea that he would stop and offer aid to somebody in need in a car makes sense. that's who he always has been.

>> reporter: now, meanwhile on another matter, the sanford police department turned over all the evidence from the trial including zimmerman 's handgun to the fbi as the justice department looks into whether there's federal civil rights issues in this case.