TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

10 injured after plane nose gear collapses

Ten people were reportedly injured after a Southwest 737 skidded down the runway on its nose at New York’s LaGuardia Airport Monday, flames shooting out from beneath the plane. Authorities say they had no indications there were problems with the landing gear. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>> on to other news. a frightening incident that temporarily closed one of the nation's busiest airports. the nose gear of a crowded passenger jet collapses on landing at new york's la guardia airport . good morning.

>> good morning. according to port authority there were ten people treated for minor injuries, bumps, bruises and panic attacks. cruises are moving the wreckage of the plane off of the run way while the ntsb investigates trying to figure out what went wrong.

>> see.

>> wow.

>> this video shows the moment of impact. the southwest 737 skidding down the run way on it's nose. flames shooting out from beneath the plane.

>> the whole plane just went down very quickly and that's when the door blew in.

>> how hard was the jolt.

>> it was a kick.

>> the plane was coming in from nashville with 150 passengers and crew on board when witnesses on nearby planes say they saw the landing gear appear to collapse.

>> all of a sudden you heard the pilots go holy cow . i looked to the right side of the plane and there was a fire ball going down the run way. it was unbelievable.

>> emergency vehicles proceed up to run way 4. proceed up to run way 4.

>> reporter: passengers describe the scene inside flight 343 as the cabin filled with smoke.

>> the worst part is when the doors weren't being open and the smoke was coming in.

>> you couldn't breathe.

>> reporter: as passengers evacuated on emergency slides anxious family members waited in the terminal. many weren't reunited for hours while authorities say their investigation was just getting started.

>> we have no indication that there was any problem with the landing gear .

>> southwest airlines is cooperating fully with authorities. meanwhile, the airport trying to get back to normal. it had to close for an hour yesterday leaving cancelled flights and stranded passengers and this morning we're still seeing delays here.

>> all right. chris ten, thank