TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

Royal expert: ‘All eyes are on’ hospital door

The birth of the royal baby means that for the first time in over 100 years, three direct heirs to the throne are alive at the same time. Royal experts Camilla Tominey and Robert Jobson talk about the historic birth and the wait to catch a glimpse of the new heir.

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>> by the way, there's a little history tied to this birth as well. the royal arrival marks the first time in more than 100 years that there's three direct heirs to the thrown alive at the same time. let's bring in camilla and robin jobson. good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>>> camilla , it's the super bowl for you today. what's your reaction as we prepare to see this little tyke.

>> well we've only be waiting, what is it now matt? it feels like an eternity. probably just a few weeks but to actually get a spot of the baby will be great. everyone loves a newborn anyway but when it's an hrh it's extra special. that's why all eyes are on this lindo wing step here waiting for the moment. although i think we'll have quite a wait. we have at least 6 hours to go before we see the baby out there.

>> that's a good tip right there. robert, this little baby right now, i don't mean to throw cold water on this, is enjoying his last moments of anonymity ever. once those parents walk this baby out on to those steps everybody will know that child for the rest of his life. do you have any mixed emotions about that?

>> yeah i do actually but prince william and kate are probably very well positioned to make sure they do everything to protect this little chap and make sure that he does have a private life too. because prince william faced exactly the same media mountain if you like and he had to balance that position. the royal family are privileged. they have private estates they can go and stay in so they're pretty huge. you have scotland, windsor castle as well as buckingham palace . but it is difficult in this modern media age and they're very mindful of that and will use the law if necessary to protect their son.

>> camilla , there's also a life change for the parents. not only do they become parents but they'll be moving from whales to london. what do you expect from that?

>> well, it's a difficult one. they say in this country you should do three things to avoid stress, having a baby, moving out, and getting divorced. they're not doing the third one but they're doing two out of three. that will be quite tricky. kate is going to have to manage new motherhood with the notion of choosing new carpets, furnishing and wallpaper but they'll delighted to move. they're stuck in a little cottage and they can look forward to living in a 20 room mansion by autumn. that will be great for the new family.

>> let me give you both a chance, ten seconds each to weigh in on this one. it's called fill in the bank. his royal highness , prince blank of cambridge. camilla , you go first, fill in the blank.

>> i'll go for george but i think phillip will be a middle name .

>> i think prince matt, or prince don. so he can be the first don of cambridge.

>> okay. give me your real answer. what do you think robert?

>> i think that phillip charles -- charles phillip actually. i think charles will be in there. i'm with you. george is the name everyone is touting but the name james is also a favorite royal name too.

>> thanks for your perspective. stand by, we'll be checking in on you.

>> we just got word from our control room . we move