TODAY   |  July 23, 2013

World celebrates arrival of baby prince

After more than 10 hours in labor, Duchess Catherine gave birth to a baby boy on Monday. The name of the baby prince, who is now third in line to the British throne, has yet to be announced. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>> monday afternoon 4:24 london time weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces. a celebration followed all around the world. in some places it has not let up. let's get to natalie morales at st. mary's hospital. natalie, good morning.

>> good morning. a spokesperson saying mother, son and father are all doing well this morning. there is hope, as you mentioned, that we might get to meet the little prince today. we do expect to get a heads up from the palace about 40 or 60 minutes before william and kate are expected to emerge from these doors and present their child to the world. at that moment it's expected that they'll possibly say a few words and as all await to lay eyes on the new royal, the world around is already celebrating. whether outside buckingham palace or at the blue hit waters of the falls people are rejoicing at the news it's a boy. even the president and mrs. obama sent along congratulations. already sparking more than 2 million tweets since kate went into labor. in london , landmarks lit up and newspapers couldn't get enough of their new prince. even the royal navy had a special message. prince william 's response, we could not be happier. word came monday evening of the birth after at least 10 hours of labor with william at kate 's side. an 8 pound , 6 ounce boy, prince of cambridge , name unknown born at 4:24 local time . the couple waited four hours before telling the public.

>> she's in labor.

>>> on the hottest day in london in years the day began with news kate entered the hospital in the early stages of labor. the crowds gathered eagerly awaiting the news.

>> the big breaking news right now. we understand that a new baby boy has been born.

>> with a modern touch the world first learned of the birth from an e-mail press release. after of which as is tradition the birth announcement left the hospital traveling the two miles to buckingham palace . placed on the golden easel outside the palace gates. the same one used at william 's birth 31 years ago. all to the joy of a huge crowd.

>> what just happened.

>> we just had a baby boy .

>> oh my gosh.

>> yeah a baby boy .

>> according to palace spokesman, the queen and duke were delighted with with the news and in a statent pnce chles wrote am enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time.

>> again. watching the doors here at the hospital. the now very famous doors. it feels like watching a pot of water boil. meanwhile, a statement today from the duke and duchess of cambridge thanking all the staff hearsaying we would like to thank the staff at the lindo wing and whole hospital. we would like to thank everyone, staff, patients and visitors for their understanding during this time. meanwhile, some of the headlines once again, it's a boy, obviously. this one right here, our little prince . a commemorative edition and finally, the son, renaming itself new title just for the day, the son. of course the big naming question, everybody is asking, though, is what will the little boy be called? right now his royal highness , blank, prince of cambridge . savannah and matt, back to you guys.

>> by the way, there's a