TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Woman who shed 150 pounds: I am happy now

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer introduces 28-year-old Sarah Brindle as the newest member of the Joy Fit Club, and applauds her for losing more than 150 pounds -- half her body weight -- through a balanced diet.

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>>> it is time for look at me now. the joy fit club . a young woman in the business of helping others but then realized she had to help herself.

>> sarah brindle lost 153 pounds. first, take a look at her story.

>> i don't know a time when i wasn't overweight. it was always in my genes to carry more weight than others, but i knew as a child that food played a bigger role in my life. in school, i was anxious, self-conscious and shy. i would use food to calm my stress. this pattern continued throughout adulthood and before i knew it i weighed in at over 300 pounds. i was anxious every day and i felt out of control. it was something i couldn't hide and also something i didn't know how to fix. i hated it. i felt embarrassed and ashamed. i attended graduate school for counseling and dedicated my life to helping others. after finishing graduate school , i was at my heaviest. i had a clear understanding one afternoon that i was realizing my greatest fear of being overweight forever. i spent plenty of time thinking about others. i thought maybe it was time to think about myself. in july of 2011 , i took the leap. i fully committed to a chinge in eating. one day of change led into two and two into three and now i weigh 150 pounds and wear a size small . i feel i've led the layers and uncovered the real me and for that, i'm thankful. i think positively not only about my achievements but also about myself. i'm not trying to be happy. i actually am happy.

>> distinction.

>> that is terrific. here with us is the leader of the joy fit club , joy bauer.

>> so i think if anyone can compete with the royal baby arrival, it's sarah . she is so incredibly inspirational. she told me she believes what ignited her success is when she was heavier, accepting the fact that she's loveable at any size. and i think that that is a powerful message for all our viewers who are struggle with weight. size should not determine who you are as a person, right?

>> what were her achilles heels when it came to food?

>> when she started changing her ways and taking control of the food she started dating produce. and produce is high volume. it's low-calory and helps you lose weight . first, she takes cucumbers, only 45 calories for a cucumber and adds some garlic powder. doesn't give you the greatest breath but jazzes up the flavor.

>> try that.

>> and i dare you to kiss hoda now. next she takes blueberries and puts a few on a toothpick and dunks it in nonfat vanilla yogurt, pops it in the freezer for an hour and a half and you have these little treats. she loves cauliflower. i told her to make cauliflower popcorn.

>> let's take a look at sarah 's before picture. we're waiting patiently. all right, sarah . come join the joy fit club .

>> you're kidding me!