TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Piper Perabo: On-screen romance is ‘so fun’

Actress Piper Perabo, who plays an international CIA agent on the USA series “Covert Affairs,” tells TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Carson Daly that she enjoys the on-screen love story she shares with actor Christopher Gorham.

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>>> the lovely piper perabo is still going strong on usa network 's show call "covert affairs." she plays annie walker.

>> this time around she's ready to tackle missions and take a shot at romance, even if it means standing up her bosses. take a look at this.

>> you brought your boyfriend down to colombia .

>> i brought my handler to colombia , yes. i felt i owed it to augie.

>> you owed him?

>> he's implicated in that file. his security clearance got dinged, just like you said.

>> there's a lot going on here we have to talk about. piper, good to have you. you aren't supposed to date people at work. okay? your character, you and augie, this has been -- if you watch the show, it's a great show.

>> there's chemistry between you two.

>> no, the fans of this show have been waiting for this to happen.

>> talk about this romance that's finally cooking up.

>> chris gorham who plays augie, we've always talked about them wanting to have a romance. we never knew when they were going to.

>> but it's complicated when you are dating this man in the show. what makes it complex.

>> well, because they are spies, they have to keep secrets for a living. so by nature you start keeping secrets from each other. and when the missions overlap and the personal life overlaps it gets very --

>> how does annie know augie is really into her because he has to be good at romancing targets. or you, too, by the way.

>> exactly. me, too.

>> how do you know it's the real thing?

>> it's a leap of faith .

>> what does that mean?

>> that's why bob guiney is divorced. it's not fair. we need answers from you.

>> telluous you think this show has had such a long runway.

>> we travel when we do all the missions. we've been to vienna and copenhagen and colombia .

>> you usually have multiple projects going.

>> i finished a movie that's going to come out called "endangered" where i play a deaf character.

>> you know sign language?

>> i had to learn it for the role.

>> i had to have like a translator that would teach me all the things.

>> here's a question for you because i'm a fan of the show.

>> i'm scared the baby is going to be born any minute.

>> you're having a baby?

>> no, no.

>> oh, my god.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> the baby is going to be fine. augie, this character, there's rumors that there's something bubbling with him, something to come.

>> there's a huge --

>> reveal.

>> a hint. a teeny hint you can give us?

>> it's going to --

>> he's been sitting on something. is he a mole? a traitor?

>> it's something that would make you like him more but it may break them up.

>> such a good show.

>> ooh.

>> most shows shoot inside and send a second unit the to the area.

>> back to the baby. do you be it's going to be a boy or girl ?

>> i like all those crazy hats they wear so maybe they'll get that for the baby.

>> what about the costume the men wear there. they could get a little royal thing.

>> are you into it, piper, this birth? have you been paying attention to it?

>> what, is she going to say, she could care less on national tv ?

>> frankly, hoda -- of course she's into it.

>> i went to the newsroom. they have all these different tvs. you guys are like someone has the door all times.

>> we have a camera trained on the door. look. a car went by.

>> very exciting.

>> let's do a shot.

>> don't get me started, piper.

>> we wish you best of luck.

>> great show. it really is. fantastic.

>> covert affairs" tuesday night at 9:00, 8:00 central on usa.