TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Hot Google searches: Ice cream, Bald Chick clothes

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>>> look at what all of you were searching over the weekend. he is here to break down the hot searches for us.

>> look how happy he is.

>> he is.

>> you're here.

>> kevin is a good man. let's start with the search that everyone is talking about. obviously the royal baby.

>> yes.

>> what are people looking at specifically?

>> so we started to see these rise over the weekend. it's going to go through the roof today i imagine. we're going to see people searching for information like the gender, the name. they're going to be lookingor historical context of royal bays and of course searches for photos.

>> it's exciting. i keep saying that.

>> people are into this. our second one has a tie to great britain as well. phil mickelson won yesterday but the search is for his wife amy. that happens a lot.

>> yes. they were both trending. his family is there including his wife amy and they have been married for 16 years. they have three kids together but people are watching the sporting events or sitting at home so they'll look up things like the personal information behind the athletes or other things they're interested in that they're not talking about on screen.

>> i think something a little naughtier would be at the top of the poll.

>> right.

>> wouldn't you think? you know, stuff.

>> a window into mel b. 's world right here.

>> let's move on to a story from last week, a lot of people looking at that bald chick clothing line. explain who she is?

>> she was a 13-year-old fashion and beauty guru that passed away tuesday after a long bout with cancer. she was very popular on youtube. people were following her videos.

>> beautiful young woman .

>> yeah.

>> but she was working on a clothing line with a fashion designer for the last few months. we saw a interest in talia on tuesday and wednesday and this weekend people were looking for the clothing line because there's now a campaign to get it in stores.

>> it's called that bald chick and it's full on.

>> yeah. it's cute.

>> very very cool young lady .

>> all right. national ice cream day was yesterday. medical was telling me about this.

>> yeah that as well.

>> i have no idea.

>> i didn't know about this holiday either.

>> you know --

>> you're the information guy.

>> it's true. apparently this whole month is national ice cream month. this is something that ronald reagan created.

>> it's america now.

>> yeah.

>> we need a month of ice cream .

>> my word.

>> yeah. so the third sunday is national ice cream day. people looking for address piece and lists of ice cream flavors .

>> i had my ice cream today.

>> i haven't had mine yet. it's a little early for me for ice cream .

>> they feed you here really weird stuff.

>> i had beef jerky a minute ago. it's a little hot.

>> every june and july you can see a spike in searches for ice cream . every year we see that happening.

>> i don't believe it's just ice cream . there's other things.

>> do you know what the most searched flavor ice cream is?

>> tell me.

>> chocolate.

>> see, she's trying to go to a place but kevin is such a pro he won't go there with you. good for you.