TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Shape mag picks treats for every kind of hunger

Whether you need a little extra sustenance post-workout or you’re planning a party, Bahar Takhtehchian shares the top snacks as chosen by Shape magazine editors.

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>>> face it. we all like to sneak a snack throughout the day but it can be hard to find something that satisfies your sweet or salty cravings. editors of snake magazine has come up with the list of the best snacks for every occasion.

>> that's very nice.

>> really?

>> she is the editor at large for shape. good morning.

>> good morning guys.

>> okay.

>> we are going to have fun here. of course it's shape week. we taste tested hundreds of these snacks. everything is under 200 calories or less.

>> that's good.

>> no corn syrup .

>> right.

>> zero grams of transfat. no more than 3.5 grams of saturated fat and less than 400 milligrams of sodium.

>> do you eat some of this.

>> i do.

>> look how tiny you are.

>> why are we putting the blind folds on?

>> i want you to taste test .

>> we have pretzels here and potato chips . i want you to taste these. i'll put them right in front of you. that's the potato chip and you try the pet sretzel. what do you think made it on the healthy snack list? the potatoes or the pretzels. they're delicious.

>> where's the pretzels. right here.

>> i think the potato chips are healthier.

>> yeah, potato chip .

>> you guys are right. these are from kettle brand.

>> what do we win?

>> you win -- you can know that 20 of these have only 120 calories. you can also dip them into the -- you can take this off now.

>> oh, i was wondering how we were going to get to the next area. you can dip them into the dip. delicious as well. two tablespoons, just one graham of fat.

>> all morning. this is it.

>> exactly. in good hands or you can have these crackers. 30 of them is a serving size. moving on to snacks for work. all we love to snack at work. we probably have one of these snack jars.

>> right.

>> it's fun but you can't just have one. so at shape we found better alternatives. we have fruit snacks here from welch's or this entire bar of granola bars, just 180 calories.

>> not the whole box, just a bar.

>> or the yogurt. one of those is just 1 graham of fat, 8 grams of protein, 100 calories.

>> try either the ice cream or this version and tell me which ones you think actually made it on the snack list. one spoon full. this is ice cream and this is another version of it.

>> i don't believe that you eat this stuff.

>> i do. i tried it all. which one is part of our healthy snack award.

>> this one.

>> mel.

>> yeah.