TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Beauty on the go: Fix shine, undereye circles, more

However you make your morning commute, it can be a great time to get your beauty regimen in check. Beauty expert Jene Luciani shares her top picks for squeezing in a little primping when you have limited time.

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>>> well, whether you're hopping on a train, hitting the road or walking to work for your morning commute, now's a new time to get your beauty regiment in check. now here with top tricks for squeezing in tampering is the beauty expert and author of the bra book.

>> so good to see you. so good to be here with mel b. , hello.

>> fashion icon. mel b. for gosh sake.

>> i'll tell you what you want, what you really, really want.

>> i've been waiting for it.

>> we got good tips but you don't do these while you're driving.

>> no.

>> use your judgment. if you're in the car and trying to put on your lipstick you might cause bodily harm to yourself or others so don't do that. not at that price to look good. but these are all quick things you can do on the goo.

>> all right.

>> we got donna.

>> donna is running in. she just came from the train.

>> here comes donna, go.

>> there's donna.

>> yeah.

>> hi.

>> wow.

>> so the first thing with donna is she didn't have time to wash or style her hair this morning so i actually recommended powder. you sprinkle it on and fluff it through. it gets rid off the grease. instead of a dry shampoo it does more for you.

>> that's amazing.

>> how do you get rid of the shine?

>> exactly.

>> you're so interested in.

>> i'm fascinated by this.

>> rapid ultra action wipes. toss them in your purse and not only did it get rid of sweat, dirt and oil but they prevent break out toos whis too which we love. put on a foundation, you carry this one little tube and it's sweat proof and you burush it on.

>> debbie has late nights. she's a new mom and wants to look refreshed in a quick way.

>> what are you doing on your late nights?

>> she's with the baby.

>> oh.

>> not that exciting.

>> come on mel.

>> so i love these little clear silicone gel pads.

>> i've seen these before.

>> they're the big hollywood thing right now. ten minutes, soaks in and gets rid of the eyes and fine lines and wrinkles instantly.

>> there you go.

>> that's freaky looking.

>> you can do it on an airplane and another really quick tip is a press on nail. these are not the press on nails of the 80s. they're the new improved things. these are impressed by broadway nails. get them at the drugstore. you stick them on and go. they don't ruin your nails.

>> they look great.

>> nail polish there?

>> no, they come in that bottle.

>> that's it.

>> so this is our one minute beauty routine. i have my handy make up clutch from you only need three things in it. these are the three things every woman should not leave the house without.

>> real quick, sunscreen.

>> a white highlighter pencil. goes on the inner corner of the eye line. so this is a lip gloss. dab it on.

>> all right. thank you so much.