TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

See Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift before they were stars

Cindy Sanz of People Country magazine shares images of country superstars taken before they were famous, including Taylor Swift and country power couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

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>>> we are back now at 8:38. ever wonder what your favorite celebrities were like before they were famous? well, people country is out with a special before they were country stars edition. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> before we get to the old photos, the question is how did you get your hands on all of these things?

>> we got a lot of the pictures from the artist themselves. sometimes from their moms, sometimes from their yearbooks. some of them we shot years ago like when tim mcgraw was starting out we shot him in a hot tub and it was a good picture.

>> do they make a point of keeping on to the photos.

>> it's hard to tell. their moms keep everything. there's embarrassing and not embarrassing.

>> let's get started with miranda lambert . we know her by her love songs . tell us what you have there.

>> we have pictures of miranda young growing up in texas. she learned to play the guitar and write songs from her dad. there's pictures of them together performing early on.

>> she's at five years old performing with her father.

>> she is and has her love of animals from childhood on and then she tried out an nashville star .

>> so she is going on singing through her teenager years.

>> she did. right after high school she tried out for nashville star and came in third but it worked out for her.

>> we can't expose those pictures without trying to embarrass blake shelton as well. her husband. what did you find out for blake.

>> he was playing the guitar early too. he was very cute as a kid.

>> look at that.

>> couldn't get enough of it and knew he wanted to go to nashville and be a country singer . look at him as a young kid picking up other instruments as well.

>> he was always playing music. he knew what he wanted.

>> the long hair look, this is great. no star can be complete without it. look at that. those are a few years ago.

>> iz early years in nashville he wore a cowboy hat and had the mull let. he's not ashamed. he looks good anyway.

>> let's move on. the popular taylor swift , raised in pennsylvania, inspired by the dixie chicks and faith hill . what have you got from them.

>> taylor grew up on a christmas tree farm . there's lot of pictures when she was a little kid. the camera loved her and she was made for the stage but in the beginning she thought she might be a stockbroker like her dad. she was giving stock tips when she was 8.

>> then she took a turn. darius rucker . he stepped out as a solo artist .

>> he has. he had great success in nashville . he was obsessed with sports. played baseball, played basketball, played football. he didn't have a father figure in the house so heelt like sports and the coaches were keeping him in line. made a big difference in his life.

>> also carrie underwood , stuff from her as well.

>> great pictures of her growing up in oklahoma. long before idol she was singing. her mom says her sisters were complaining she was singing in the car with the radio all the time.

>> these are great photos. keith urban as well. thank you very much.

>> thank you.