TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Mel B. on Geraldo selfie: ‘What was he thinking?!’

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Al Roker, along with guest anchor Mel B., chat about the hot topics of the day, including Geraldo Rivera’s semi-nude birthday selfie, which the TV host later took down.

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>>> i'm willie geist along with al roker and look who's back.

>> oh boy.

>> spice girl .

>> i'm back by demand.

>> mel b. back.

>> are you throwing gang signs ?

>> no i'm being cool okay.

>> you're better than that.

>> jazz hands then. how about that.

>> it keeps getting worse. mel is with us this week. we're excited to have her back while natalie is in london in the final stages of royal baby watch.

>> i was so excited when i heard she had gone into labor.

>> she is in labor and natalie is there outside the hospital. let's go to her right away. natalie , what's going on.

>> hey, day 8 and finally --

>> she's still smiling.

>> and news this morning here that of course the duchess of cambridge was in the hospital admitted around 6:00 a.m . local time here, 1:00 a.m . eastern time there into the hospital already in the stages of labor. we are told by a royal palace spokesperson that her labor is progressing along normally. she has been at it now for about 8 hours and as you know labor takes some time and if you hear that song going, we're hoping that gives her a little extra push to move things along. but obviously a lot of excitement here. the media frenzy has grown by leaps and bounds. media from all over the world here. how we'll get word that a baby is born, a royal birth announcement will be hand delivered. it will come from outside the hospital here at st. mary's. they'll take that birth announcement and drive it all the way to buckingham palace . it's about ten minutes. it will be a little bit like a slow car chase with the helicopter following the car all along the route and then they'll place the birth announcement over at buckingham palace , behind the gates on a golden easel. this is in keeping with tradition as they did when prince william and when harry were born as well. but in a modern twist, the palace then said they would also release a tweet at that moment in time but only then will we see that announcement there at buckingham palace will we finally know all the details everybody has been waiting for, most importantly, what did she end up having? boy or girl . prince or princess.

>> but natalie we might not know the name for awhile. wasn't it like a month before they named charles and a week before they named william .

>> really? that long?

>> charles took some time apparently. so that was a month and william was about a week before diana.

>> no, no.

>> sorry. i'm giggling.

>> mel was just giggling.

>> sorry.

>> it could be awhile. it could be awhile. but we're hoping -- all the betters have been talking about some of the names that are high on the list and alexandra still leads for a girl and interestingly, some of the other names, charles and william are on the list for a boy. prince charles did speak earlier today to a very happy mother of a child giving a little gift already to the baby and here's what he had to say.

>> thank you very much.

>> is for the baby.

>> i'll see what i can do, thank you.

>> he is so -- this guy, you can't shut him up.

>> i used to hang out with prince harry and william .

>> you did?

>> he's a soon to be grandfather so very excited.

>> all right natalie . we're going to check back in with you.

>> natalie cheer up, you're in london.

>> hey nat, before you go, do you have your bag packed yet?

>> do you have your bag packed?

>> my bag to come home?

>> yes.

>> yes i want to come home.

>> i'm hoping to come home at some point.

>> we miss you.

>> perhaps in the next couple of days.

>> i miss you guys too. not much longer now. see you later .

>> so are we more excited about this baby on this side of the pond than they are --

>> i definitely feel like you lot are overly excited about it.

>> too much.

>> the brits are in general but there's a real sense of excitement here.

>> there is.

>> seriously.

>> okay. but back to the jam sandwiches with william and harry, how did that go down? they call you.

>> they called us. they called our management and we would go visit them like once a month and sit down and have peanut butter and jelly jam sandwiches.

>> how old were they at this month? teenagers?

>> 11 or 12. i remember jumping on their bed with them. quite young.

>> wow. the mind boggles.

>> that's all we did, okay.

>> they were kids.

>> stop it. it's monday morning guys.

>> let's talk about names. you said you liked alexandra.

>> for a boy.

>> i like william .

>> it is different there. willie.

>> yes. but i do like that name though.

>> you got names cued up?

>> i like edward. i believe it's going to be a boy.

>> i believe it's going to be a girl.

>> everybody does.

>> i'm going with boy.

>> nobody knows nothing as they say.

>> how long was your first labor.

>> about 8 or 9 hours.

>> was it?

>> it's painful. it's not pretty.

>> no.

>> but it can be quick. sometimes people have them in the cab on the way to the hospital before the father can get up while he's parking the car.

>> my youngest sister was 25 minutes.

>> wow, really?

>> we literally went down stairs to get a sandwich, came back and she had a baby.

>> did she have an epidural.

>> no, just boom.

>> horrendous.

>> you had the needle right.

>> yeah. one with and one without.

>> i had one too.

>> why did you need one.

>> it was very painful watching.

>> we put up a poll, 73% --

>> think it's going to be a princess.

>> 73% say it will be a princess. 27% say we have a prince headed our way. what do you think?

>> i think it's a boy and i hope his name is george because my son is george. king george some day.

>> we like that a lot.

>> let's talk a little america 's got talent.

>> yes, i'm so excited.

>> live shows across the street. tell us about it. what's going on over there.

>> it goes live tomorrow. we have rehearsals tonight because we're going to do a big grand opening that i can't tell you about just yet but my entrance is full on. i made sure that my entrance is the best entrance.

>> what does that mean exactly? smoke machines.

>> i can't even tell you.

>> a cannon.

>> no he gets shoved in that one. it going to be exciting. we have 60 acts and they're all very interesting and talented and some of them are quirky and cheeky.

>> have you been watching it?

>> of course i have.

>> don't lie.

>> 9:00 central tomorrow night.

>> and you go live through september 18th .

>> yeah. it's going to be awhile, yeah.

>> i'm looking forward to it.

>> how do you like being here in new york .

>> i like new york . it that has crazy buzz, like nothing stops at all. makes me a little nervous sometimes when you want to relax but new york , you can't beat it. it's lovely.

>> you were made for new york . you is the right speed and temperament.

>> are you saying i'm aggressive?

>> aggressive, out spoken, you don't back down. you do thing likes this on the air.

>> she was arm wrestling willie.

>> are we going to throw up the picture.

>> put it up.

>> let's just throw it up there.

>> early morning , 1:00 a.m .

>> oh my god. what was he thinking?

>> he -- it's his birthday and he is celebrating his birthday, 70 is the new 30 he said.

>> but do you think he was a little bit tipsy because didn't he take the picture back down?

>> well he did when his wife saw it.

>> his body doesn't look bad.

>> 70 years old he looks terrific.

>> i just wish it had come up an inch or two.

>> what was he doing?

>> it was a selfie at 1:00 a.m .

>> he was trying to display at 70 i'm doing well.

>> he did take the picture down and then put up another tweet that said note to self-no tweeting after 1:00 a.m .

>> that is cute.

>> which would imply he had a couple of drinks.

>> his wife said this is what happens when i fall asleep first.

>> any embarrassing selfies? twitter ever get you in trouble.

>> i have. i did one twitter picture where the other spice girls dared me to moon my neighbors so i went out on my balcony and did a quick moon.

>> and who took the picture though.

>> my husband did.

>> the paparazzi.

>> great and did you go back and delete it afterward.

>> no i left it. once it's there it's there.

>> good for you.

>> own it.

>> have you ever had an embarrassing twitter picture.

>> i don't like to take pictures of myself and distribute them widely.

>> what's the upside to that.

>> your fans might enjoy that.

>> i'm going to deny them that privilege.

>> done. sorry fans.