TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

How to shop like a fashion editor on any budget

InStyle fashion editors Dana Avidan-Cohn, Isabel Gonzalez Whitaker, and Kahlana Barfield shop for this season’s hottest looks with three budgets: $50, $100 and $150.

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>>> with today's style. this morning how to shop like a fashion editor on any budget. they are all editors at in style magazine which makes them brilliant. they hit the stores for us ladies. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you each had a budget. $50, $150, $100. did you draw straws.

>> we fought.

>> we'll see who pulled rank. man your battle fashions. we'll start with you.

>> phoebe.

>> what are you going to dress her in.

>> i only had $50 and i wanted to make an impact with this look so pajama dressing is having a huge moment and i was able to hit this trend for under $50 which is incredible. the pants are forever 21 and under $20 and they have that amazing slouchy feel.

>> they're not literally pajamas.

>> they're not but they're pajama inspired and i got this amazing necklace from h&m and button down blouse which completes the the look and keeps it taylors.

>> there's a half tuck.

>> it's a great way to keep looking styled. and i finished off with a pair of pumps any woman would have in their closet.

>> $50. a great job phoebe. let's move on to isabelle. she had $100. what does kristen have on?

>> i was excited about the fruit trend this season. i wanted to be able to wear the fruit trend to work. so how did it accomplish that? i looked for a print that was more in a graphic print. so it almost looks like a floral and almost muted. the jeans are ours of course. everybody has a great pair of white jeans. great pair of nude heels to show off pedicure, $24 from lulus and a gold bracelet to playoff the yellow.

>> sunglasses too.

>> classive aviators.

>> you have the light denim in the closet.

>> i liked the ver tillsatility because it's dark and you can take it into fall.

>> the big spender , she had $150.

>> i hit the jackpot.

>> tell us about katie's look. i took three trends i'm loving and threw them in the blender and here you have it. i'm obsessed with leather for summer. these shorts are super cute. they're $69 and what i love about them is they're not too tight and not too short so they're wearable for women of all ages. i paired it with a graphic black and white t-shirt. this was at forever 21 for $15. superinexpensive and easy for summer. i wanted to keep it basic with really nice classic pumps. these are $30 and i didn't want to do a platform because it can look like you're trying too hard. every woman has a black blazer in their wardrobe. i took a black blazer and draped it over her shoulders. this looked a little more stylized if you want to look for sophisticated put the blazer on and to give the look a pop of culture i went with the matte red lipstick. it's big right now. it's a really classic red available on m.a.c.

>> they might have bought lipstick too but they didn't have the budget you had.

>> they didn't have it.

>> you could do this with a rocker t-shirt too.

>> totally. love that.

>> all right. ladies, thank you