TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Royal baby quiz: What’s British for ‘pacifier’?

TODAY’s Al Roker quizzes Savannah Guthrie and David Gregory on some British baby-related terms, including dummy, posset, and pram.

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no honor of the royal baby, we're going to do a royal baby english class.

>> okay.

>> so if i ask you what is a pram?

>> a stroller, right?

>> well, she already answered it.

>> well, you might have a different answer.

>> no, it's a stroller.

>> yes.

>> it's one of the big fancy ones.

>> fancy strollers.

>> with the big wheels and everything.

>> the whole thing.

>> all right. what is a dummy?

>> i know what that is. it's a pacifier.

>> wow, very good.

>> i had no idea.

>> you're two for two.

>> well, what can i tell you. got another one.

>> when a baby passa -- possets.

>> i have no idea.

>> she is spitting up.

>> i knew it wasn't good. it didn't sound good.

>> that was like david's house this weekend. but it was just david. and then four, if a baby had a wobbly. what is the baby having.

>> has a wobbly. a tantrum.

>> okay.

>> very good.

>> how did you know that?

>> just guessed.

>> i thought it might have been a dirty tydiaper.

>> could have been. all right. and that is your english baby class today.