TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Ben Fogle: ‘I can’t imagine’ pressure on Duchess Kate

NBC’s Ben Fogle reports from St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where he is waiting not only for Duchess Catherine to give birth, but also his sister, who is laboring in the same hospital.

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>> of st. mary's, you have your own story a little closer to home.

>> good morning.

>> with your own family where your sister is actually in labor giving birth today, right?

>> we have a saying here in england that you wait for buses for hours and then two come along at once. i was actually in here this morning helping drop my sister and her partner off so i'm kind of like the rest of the world waiting for the royal baby but what i'm also describing as the obey by.

>> give us your own sense of the anticipation with the royal couple. how they tried to approach this as normal a couple under these type of circumstances. how you describe that sense of anticipation. this new generation of royal watchers.

>> well, listen, i'm sure everyone has been describing the scenes here. i haven't actually been to where the press were waiting and it's pretty extraordinary. i can't really imagine that build up of pressure but certainly from my own experience with my sister, there's enough people calling saying has it arrived yet. they have always been fantastic at ignoring what's going on beyond the windows behind me and getting on with with it normally. they want to be as normal a couple as they can possibly be and they do it very well.