TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Lisa Kudrow: I got ‘giggly’ around Steve Carell

Emmy-winning actress Lisa Kudrow talks about her web-to-television comedy series on Showtime, “Web Therapy,” on which she plays a narcissistic therapist who does 3-minute sessions online.

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>>> to say hello to emmy award winning star of show time 's web to television comedy series web therapy, lisa kudrow . she conducts her sessions and much of her personal life on the internet. and the new season includes steve carrell that plays one of her love interests.

>> i love you so much.

>> that's soon.

>> i'm sorry that sounds strange.

>> well, i don't think it's strange. it's not like i haven't experienced someone falling in love with me before but it is very soon.

>> and yet not soon enough.

>> and lisa joins us now. i love this character. she is so awful. she is the most self-centered therapist you would ever run across.

>> that's how we designed her. we had to figure out how awful a person it is that would offer online therapy for three minute sessions. she can't have interest in helping people.

>> i love in the first one she said we're way over 3 minutes. we're at 7 minutes. i got to go.

>> or she'll mute people . we didn't do that this season. but she's awful. all she cares about -- i think our tag line this season is the doctor's listening, what can you do for her.

>> exactly. you have great guest stars . steve carrell , always cute but you made him look like a real babe.

>> we didn't make him anything. he showed up looking like that. i've been married for a long time and deeply in love with my husband but i got nervous and giggly.

>> flustered with him. her accent is so smug.

>> she is completely dismissive and awful. but i actually have someone in mind, though. i know this woman. she is like the perfect woman. she is really poised and smart and everything and i thought oh, great, that's how she thinks she comes off. and then you filter it through self-serving and horrifying.

>> well, lisa kudrow . great to have you. web theory on