TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Will and Kate’s challenge: Raising a modern royal baby

Bringing up a future king or queen in a modern-day world comes with many complications. TODAY’s Natalie Morales takes a look back at Princess Diana’s attempts to give her sons lives as normal lives as possible, and how her example might inspire Prince William and Duchess Catherine.

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>> we'll get back to natalie to get the latest.

>> we're talking about what's trending.

>> now we're going to natalie .

>> it rolls on baby.

>> all right. good morning savannah and david. on this exciting day, one can't help but think of princess diana and the kind of grandmother she would have been. at just 20 is when she became a mom herself and broke the mold for royal motherhood and now one can imagine she is still going to have a profound influence on this child.

>> i would love to have met her and she's obviously -- she's an inspirational woman to look up to.

>> back then, a newly engaged kate was already taking her queues from diana and now more than ever she will need that inspiration as she herself becomes the next generation of royal mom.

>> diana was very much a part of her kid's lives. it seems that william has learned from his mother diana and is trying to reflect her sense of how to be a good parent.

>> normal was what diana wanted from the moment william and harry entered the world, she was already breaking royal rules, choosing to have them at the hospital instead of at the palace.

>> diana wanted ordinariness in so many ways, in fact, making her children go to regular schools.

>> yes in the early days prince charles wanted to school prince william at kensington palace where they lived but diana prevailed. that was a big break through at the time. he was the first future king to actually go to school.

>> so off he went, first day of school with photographers following his every step. while william enjoyed school, he learned early on to not trust the media.

>> but for some reason, even at age 5, he had this sort of semihatred for the press and the media as he said in this just william way , i don't like photographers.

>> seeing his parents bitter divorce splashed all over the tabloids and in 1997 , his mother's death due to a paparazzi car chase . william was just 15. his life forever changed . but he loved how to live with grace and in privacy. now as william and kate face this new era of bringing up not just a future heir but the most famous baby in the world. there is more reason than ever to be very guarded.

>> we must remember that this child has been born into an extraordinary world. one very different to the world that william and harry was born into.

>> william 's god father has this advice for kate .

>> give the child as much affection as she can and she'll do anyway. and give it all the opportunities that life has for it because it will have a restricted life.

>> a life tied to the throne. prince charles is already speaking very excited about being a grandfather. he asked ladies for some advice at an event recently and they said to be sure to spoil the child rotten and at the end of the day to hand the kid back. prince charles said what i'd like to do is encourage them and show them things to take their interest. my grandmother did that and she was wonderful, savannah.

>>> all right natalie . thank you