TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Royal expert: Birth heralds ‘new era’ for royal family

Outside St. Mary’s Hospital, where Duchess Catherine is currently in labor with her first child, royal experts Camilla Tominey and Robert Jobson discuss the impending arrival of the future heir to the throne.

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>> we want to go back to st. mary's hospital. let's bring in nbc royal expert and they're with us this morning. good morning to you.

>> morning.

>> i love how we're going to get this announcement. it combines the traditional with the modern. yes, the easel will display the main details but also we'll get a tweet. does that really reflect camilla, where the royal family is now? still caring about tradition but trying to be modern as well?

>> well, i suppose there's a mix going on all the because of the people out here are furiously on social networking sites and if there's any action behind us it will go around the world in a heart beat.

>> i like the tradition. it being put outside the palace. it goes back to the days where the babies were born at buckingham palace . it's very british.

>> how much excitement is there for this? as attitudes about the royal family change and evolve overtime how much of a connection is there? we can tell by the choppers overhead that there's big media interest of course.

>> well, there's certainly excitement and it's all a bit hectic and hot out here. it's getting a little hot under the collar but this birth does harold a start of a new era for the royal family . it's as exciting as when prince william was born.

>> this royal family in many ways is the world's royal family . they're so well-known in the magazines and tv channels all around the world. thinkhere's great excitement. what i'm concerned about is it's the hottest day of the year here and camilla is 20 days away from giving birth herself.

>> you're in the right spot, though. you're right by the maternity ward . 8 month pregnant herself. thank you. we'll be back with you as this morning goes on. appreciate it.