TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Duchess Kate’s hometown eagerly awaits royal baby

NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports from Bucklebury, the picturesque English town where Duchess Catherine grew up, and where the royal baby could spend his or her first days.

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>> being received in kate 's hometown? michelle kosinski is in bucklebury this morning which is her hometown. what have you got?

>> good morning on this beautiful rare summer day. this is bucklebury the english country village where kate grew up and where her child could spend the first few weeks of his or her life in the middleton family home. people are excited and hoping everything goes well and waiting with everyone else to see if the child is a boy or girl . they're protected of kate and her family and guard the family's privacy as much as they can. the local pub called the old boot where william and kate are something of regulars which already had a party in honor of the royal baby two weeks ago is planning another one. people will be having private parties at home and in this thousand year old church up in the 600-year-old tower once the baby is born people will ring the bells for 45 minutes. and once kate and baby visit bucklebury they'll ring them for three hours in this meticulous process, a competition created just for the royal baby. literally ringing in the royal birth in the same place where people have been doing for centuries. back to you guys.

>> all right, michelle. i don't hear any helicopters buzzing overhead in bucklebury . they have it a little bit calmer over there for the family which is nice.