TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

King Rutherford? Anchors bet on royal baby

In anticipation of the arrival of the first child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine, the TODAY anchors speculate about the sex and name of the future heir to the throne.

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>>> of buckingham palace in london. that will be the place to be a little bit later today or perhaps tomorrow when an easel will be displayed. it will contain the important information, the gender of the baby. perhaps the weight and height of the baby.

>> any moment now.

>> you're saying days or tomorrow --

>> you never know.

>> labor can go a long time.

>> 36 hours .

>> yeah. let's get our guesses. let's go on the record here. when, gender and name.

>> 2:00 p.m . eastern time because that's when my show on msnbc airs. the second thing, gender, female, name alexandra.

>> go. 8 hours of total labor, male and rutherford.

>> oh, that's an interesting name.

>> 30 seconds. let's hear it.

>> tamron and i said monday.

>> yes we did.

>> i think in another three hours, it will be a boy. and i'm going with edward.

>> savannah, i think it's going to be today at noon