TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Pope Francis to take first trip abroad as pope

The pope is expected to arrive in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, today for World Youth Day, his first trip abroad since becoming pontiff. NBC’s Claudio Lavanga reports.

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>> his first trip abroad as pontiff this morning. his destination, rio de janeiro . we have a preview. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning to you. well, of course we're all waiting for the pope to arrive. we saw him boarding the plane this morning in pope francis style where he was carrying his hand luggage over on the plane. something we vnhaven't seen before. that's for sure. the theme of this year's world youth day , let me tell you is go and make disciples of all nations. pope francis is saying you are right here as pilgrims and you leave as missionaries. now this is very much in line with the message that he has adopted since he has become pope. he has been telling priests worldwide get out of the churches and go to the faithful and don't wait for the faithful to come to you. this reached the hands of thousands of young kids. they're awaiting the arrival of the pope.