TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

62 cannon blasts to mark arrival of royal baby

Early this morning, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made the six-minute drive to St. Mary’s Hospital, where the duchess was admitted in the early stages of labor. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> it was 19 hours.

>> listen i got my coffee. we're ready to go. we got this story covered. prince william and his wife arrived by car. the duchess was admitted at 1:00 a.m . our time, eastern time . a palace spokesperson said things were progressing as normal. moments ago we heard from prince charles ever so briefly.

>> absolutely nothing at the moment.

>> what?

>> --

>> right. that was actually over the top .

>> anyway, we have complete coverage of all of this from the hospitals at buckingham palace to kate 's hometown. we want to begin with natalie outside st. mary 's hospital. good morning to you. it's great to see you. tell us what the latest is.

>> finally savannah, good morning to you and david and finally some good news to report this morning. that is right, kate has been at it now for about six hours and she came early in the morning along with prince william . they were escorted into the back entrance here of st. mary 's hospital to assure the privacy that they would need and only then did kinsington palace, did they then release the press release you talked about. meantime, we just have to wait a little bit longer but hopefully not much longer.

>> early this morning with william at her side, kate headed to st. mary 's hospital from kensiken kensi kensington palace , a six minute drive away . william will attend the birth and others, kate 's mom and sister pippa will be at the hospital too. after the child is born, the queen will be the first to hear. william will call her personally. then a signed medical bulletin will be carried from the hospital to the streets of london through buckingham palace to announce the child has been born. a two mile ride broadcast live around the world from a tv helicopter. a kind of slow, royal car chase . and the declaration will be displayed on a easel just behind the palace gates as it was when william was born. only then will we be given details, gender, and sometimes eye and hair color but the couple could take their time choosing a name. a 41 gun salute from london's green park . 62 cannon blasts from the tower of london will mark the arrival of the new royal generation. finally, the duke and duchess of cambridge will emerge on these very step with their new baby just as charles and diana did 31 years ago.

>> now from st. mary 's hospital this morning, they released this statement, everyone at the trust is exceptionally proud that this historic moment is happening here. now, a reminder again, our first indication when the baby is born is we expect to see a royal aid walk out of these door with the official birth announcement. that birth announcement will be driven to buckingham palace where it will be displayed on that dpoegolden easel and only a few minutes later we expect they'll tweet out the details, the important information, namely prince or princess and all very excited here as we await that word hopefully a little later on today. david and savannah, back to you.

>> natalie with a thousand of her closest friends in the media there as well. natalie , you mentioned that we're going to get some information including the gender, whether of course -- the weight of the baby potentially but we may not get a name for awhile, right?

>> yeah, we may not get a name. in fact, with prince charles and diana, it took them a week to name prince william . harry they did name right away. so we could be waiting a little longer for a name but everybody is most excited to know right now is when is the baby coming finally and boy or girl . if it's a girl, clearly a historic moment because she would be the first girl in her birth right to be able to assume the thrown, of course decades from now, savannah.

>> all right natalie , we're seeing a live shot from the scene. everybody is focused on what has to be the most famous door in the world right now. tell us a little bit about the scene.

>> well, i have to tell you, and if tony can pan off a little bit, this say tourist attraction . a lot of americans here today standing by awaiting news just as well. all very excited. i think everybody is going to stick it out as long as they can here. we don't know how long labor will go with princess diana with when she had prince william it took ten hours of labor. so let's hope we're not going to be there all that long before we do find out. but you can see the world 's media is here. so very much the scene this morning.

>> all right. natalie . don't budge one inch even. we'll be back early and often.

>> what's another couple of days for natalie .

>> i can't budge. i can't even move.