TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

Queen awaits royal birth at Buckingham Palace

As Duchess Catherine’s labor progresses in London’s St. Mary’s Hospital, Queen Elizabeth is waiting to receive the phone call notifying her of the royal birth. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> meantime the crowds are building at buckingham palace where the bulletin to officially announce the birth will be displayed. keir simmons is there for us. keir, good morning to you. i wonder if the crowds are already gathering hoping to catch a glimpse of that easel.

>> yeah, the crowds are here already. this is where the easel will be displayed. the changing of the guard happens here every day but you get a picture of the kind of crowds you might see. we don't know where along that kate the easel will be displayed. we may end up running up and down to try to see it. there are people here that say they want to see it. they may have to wait a little while. even the queen isn't here. she's at windsor castle where she prefers to stay. she says she hopes the baby will be born before she goes on vacation this week. clearly her word is her command. this baby isn't born yet and it know who is the boss is.

>> exactly. don't mess with the vacation. so the queen is at windsor. where are the other royals? prince charles we saw briefly this morning or the middleton family for that matter?

>> that's right. we believe the middleton family are up at bucklebury waiting for news. the queen is at windsor and charles in the north of england saying no news yet but it is the queen that will get the phone call first personally from william . so that will be the first indication outside of that wing of the hospital in west london that a royal baby has been born.

>> i don't know if we have this information but kate was driven to the hospital this morning at 1:00 a.m . do you know if it was william driving? quickly?

>> that's right. we don't know whether it was william driving but i tell you something savannah what it gives you is a picture of a couple who are determined to be normal even with all of this stuff going on around them. they want to do some things in the way everybody else would and so william drives with his wife to the hospital. as so many families do where she will give birth.

>>> all right keir simmons is at buckingham palace for us this morning watching very carefully.