TODAY   |  July 21, 2013

Dr. Hanks pays a house call to the plaza

“The doctor has become the patient this season,” said actor Mark Feuerstein about the fifth season of his new hit show on USA, “Royal Pains.” He told TODAY anchors about his character’s possible drug addiction, baby fever on the set and shooting in Budapest.

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>>> the medical concierge business is pretty snazzy in the hamptons. good to have you here.

>> great to be here.

>> we were just talking. it seems yesterday you were here, introducing the concept of the show. now you're in season five.

>> i can't believe it. it's really like winning the lottery, to be on the tv show that not only gets on the air, but has five seasons. we get to tell so many amazing stories .

>> takes place on the beach for the most part. gorgeous weather. not a bad gig.

>> likable, nice character now has some issues this season.

>> the doctor has become the patient a little bit this season. i had a little bit of an accident of an explosion in the mansion, landlord, played by campbell could the and had to have a little surgery. now i'm trying to get off the pain meds and whether or not i would be able to, big question this season.

>> you actually got to go to my motherland, budapest gl is that where you hail from? we were in budapest eating goulash. shooting all this intrigue stuff, doing an operation in the middle of the street. it was awesome.

>> and big news, she's pregnant.

>> it affects her relationship with jeremiah, me, my brother, evan. evan and paige are in their first year of marriage, lot of attention and i have my medical stuff and every week we tell amazing medical stories .

>> congratulations on season fiv five.

>> thank you.

>>> let's check in with david gregory to find out what's happening on "meet the press." david in.