TODAY   |  July 21, 2013

Meet the grandparents of the imminent heir

The child of Prince William and Duchess Kate will be the first grandchild for Prince Charles, who recently asked a group of ladies for grandparenting advice. What can the new baby expect with such royalty in the family? NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> now to the royal baby watch. it's not just will, kate and, let's face it, the media who are anxiously awaiting for him or her to arrive. the grandparents and great grandparents to be, including the queen, are on pins and needles as well. michelle kosinski is outside buckingham palace .

>> reporter: the key may be not spoiling them. great granny is the queen. former flight attendant, turned successful business woman. may even spend the first few weeks not in a palace but up the road with the middletons. the royalty we see is glittering ceremony and tradition, but behind the scenes , the queen has been a great grandmother. maybe the only time we've seen the queen break into a run, protecting cheeky toddler prince william from getting hit by a carriage. she's granny first, queen second. now she may not be able to spend the same amount of time, but this baby is likely to learn some of the ways of the monarchy from the queen herself.

>> she would love the idea of being around for a bit to be able to advise this child, to be able to teach this child, to be able to discuss with her grandchildren how this child should be brought up.

>> reporter: royal grandparenting has long been close. even the queen's grapd father, george v , whose own kids were terrified of him --

>> sit back. sit back. face boldly --

>> was a terrific granddad. he nicknamed the queen lily-bet. the great thing is to encourage them, show them things to take their interest. my grandmother did that. she was wonderful. likely be not princes and queens but mike and carol, the middletons, whom kate turns to the most for help.

>> success of the royal family actually depends on becoming more like us.

>> something the middletons' history, which includes coal miners , will lend to the future of this monarchy.

>> prince charles ' baby entertaining specialty apparently is funny voices. one royal watcher said one thing he would not do with william and harry was roughhouse and that he was great with them and that babies find prince charles fascinating.

>> who knew? funny voices. thanks, michelle.