TODAY   |  July 21, 2013

Heat wave officially over for East Coast

The hot weather that recently struck the East Coast set records in Boston, and was the longest heat wave in New York City since 2002. There’s relief in sight. “Each day will get progressively better,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer. “We’re done with the nineties for a while.”

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>> the heat wave is over officially. i want to remind you, it's going to be cooler, but not necessarily cool. we're talking upper 80s instead of upper 90s. it did spark off heavier downpours, isolated thunderstorms. boston hit a record high of 99 degrees friday. in new york city , this is the longest heat wave we've seen since 2002 and saturday in philadelphia was the seventh day of 90 degrees or higher. we are going to see much more comfortable temperatures, especially up across new england. boston should hit 81 today. 82 tomorrow. still in the mid to upper 80s in philadelphia and new york city . each day will get progressively better. we are going to see those 80s hang on through much of this upcoming week. we're done with the 90s for a while and we're done with the oppressive humidity. it is still very warm when you step outside this morning. it is summertime, after all. chris?