TODAY   |  July 20, 2013

Cronut maker’s new treat: The frozen s’more

“You’re the dessert mash-up king, this is fantastic,” said NBC’s Carson Daly after he sampled a frozen s’more, a combination of s’more and ice cream. It’s the latest from chef Dominique Ansel, the man who gave the cronut to the world.

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>> frozen s'mores. we have to have them. we have the chef behind them. chef, bonjour.

>> ooh, la la .

>> this is amazing. people wait in line for hours to get this. what is it? where did you get the idea?

>> it's like a hybrid between a -- for the month of may. it's been right away. people have been waiting in line early morning.

>> does it surprise you?

>> i have been waiting in line.

>> it's like a massive -- i would have eaten this if there wasn't a lady.

>> do i have to wait until everyone gets served?

>> i wanted to do something else. i try to keep myself busy and i wanted to do this chewy, marshmallowy cream.

>> is there graham cracker inside?

>> chocolate crispy crunch . the brunch has been --

>> is this one size fits all or this size for the "today" show.

>> this is the size you get.

>> is a lady going to eat this?

>> can a consumer at home get a gun like you have?

>> you can have that.

>> we have white all over our faces.

>> that is so much better than the ones we make at home. for me, this is especially good.

>> quickly, what is next for you?

>> i'm not sure yet. i keep creating new things all the time. i'll come up with something else.

>> the dessert match up king. thanks so much.

>> thank you. great to have you here.

>> thank you very much.

>> have a great day, everybody.

>> good-bye.