TODAY   |  July 20, 2013

What to expect when royal baby is born

When Duchess Kate goes into labor, there will not only be a media firestorm, but also a very specific set of steps, involving a medical bulletin, a 41-gun salute and a call to the Queen. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports

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>>> the royal baby get here? natalie morales is live outside buckingham palace . good morning to you.

>> good morning to you, carson. there was a lot of speculation on friday about the royal couple's where abouts, reports they left bucklebury and reports they are headed back up there again to be with kate 's parents. what we can tell you is we will get word from the palace when she is in the hospital. we have not heard anything this morning. it seems we will all be waiting just a bit longer here. we have been given a bit of a rundown of what to expect when the moment finally arrives. as the clock ticks, the royal baby wait in the second week is going into overdrive.

>> exploding, seriously.

>> reporter: with social media leading the charge. this couple caused a stir outside the hospital. royal lookalikes, it turned out. when the time comes, this is how it unfolds. kate will head for the hospital most likely from kensington palace , a six minute drive away. the announcement the duchess of cambridge has gone into labor will be made when she's safely inside the hospital. william will attend the birth. others, kate 's mom and pippa are expected to be in the hospital, too. after the child is born, the queen will be the first to hear. william will call her personally. a signed medical bulletin will be carried to buckingham palace . a two-mile ride that will be broadcast live around the world from a tv helicopter. a kind of slow royal car chase . a declaration will be displayed on an easel behind the palace gate as it was when william was born. only then will we be given details, gender, eye and hair color .

>> what's the name of the baby?

>> the couple could take their time choosing a name. a gun salute from the park and 62 cannon blasts from the tower of london will mark the arrival of a new royal generation. finally, the duke and duchess of cambridge will emerge on these steps with their new baby as charles and diana did 31 years ago. the global frenzy, of course, won't stop there.

>> i think we are putting tremendous pressure on this girl.

>> reporter: for now, kate is the one holding the royal flush . again, the palace this morning not commenting on the couple's where abouts. they won't until she is in the hospital. they hope the baby would arrive by the end of the week. excitement continues to grow here. we all continue to hold our breath.