TODAY   |  July 20, 2013

Could a baby rejuvenate the royal family?

Some historians say the uncontroversial, charitable, and, in some ways, normal life of Prince William and Duchess Kate has boosted the British royal family to levels of popularity not seen since Queen Victoria. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> reporter: the royals have seen some tough times and many are wondering if the new baby, when it finally arrives will be able to rejuvenate the royal family . michelle kaczynski is with me. good morning.

>> it seems like it's already happening. why are people so fascinated by this? it's a happy story for the summer. we love to look at other people, especially celebrities and people in strangely positions. they are part of british history but they are young and in touch and here comes a new generation. it is difficult to believe that little baby the world held its breath to see in the arms of princess diana , a chubby cheek boy that is naughty enough for the cameras love. in some ways normal life . the british royal family leveled the popularity. the newest heir to the throne adds a joyful layer.

>> the public is keeping up to ensure the monarchy. he's very grounded. i have no doubt. kate is coming from a very different background. i know that the child will be, you know, as grounded as it can be.

>> an idea championed by diana who spent time with her boys, took them to mcdonalds and said no one else lived the way they were privileged to. the royal marriage shattered. embarrassment and scandal. they have turned that around time and diligence and william and kate unassumingly taking the world by storm. a royal resurrection for the old institution.

>> i think having a baby will make everyone love more. the moment they are the golden couple. as everyone that's been married knows marriage changes you but not very much. a baby really brings you down to earth.

>> a real family that embodies everything that is good about a modern monarchy. you look at monarchy through the ages and they say you are born into this privilege and power. it can be treacherous and restricted. this royal baby could have the most normal sort of life of any royal ever, here.

>> we hope so. michelle kaczynski,