TODAY   |  July 20, 2013

London abuzz over Duchess Kate whereabouts

As the clock ticks, the royal baby wait, now in its second week, is going into overdrive, with many wondering about the whereabouts of Duchess Kate. The palace has said that when the time comes, the media will get confirmation that she is inside the hospital. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>> things come to those who wait. if that's true, great things should be coming to our own natalie morales . she's been camped out in london , waiting for word of the arrival of the royal baby. there's no baby news yet but there's rumblings of will and kate being on the move, is that right?

>> reporter: that's right. some rumblings. where she is is the big question today. london was a buzz about her where abouts. she hasn't been seen in public in months when she had the last royal engagement. there were a lot of tweets and reports went in speculation that she was headed back here to london where she was spending time with her parents. now there's question again as to whether she came to london or went back to buckleberry. the palace is not in a position to comment. they won't give away her location right now. saying, though, that when she is in the hospital, that is when the media and all of us will finally get word as to where she is and to whether or not she is in labor. only when she is actually at the hospital will they come out with confirmation. for now, we can sit here and wait and of course, camilla and the queen, earlier this week added pressure saying they hoped there would be a baby by this weekend. so, we are all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping we have news to report at some point. with that, i send it back to you.

>> thank you. we'll check in with you in a little bit.

>> remember those days, waiting for your baby? remember?

>> we force the issue.

>> i would like to officially force the issue. 8,000 degrees outside and i'm walking around with a 20 pound weight attached to my hip. sorry to complain.

>>> now, a story about a lame duck, literally. a duck was born with an inverted foot that prevented him from walking until now. dave has the story of butter cup's big comeback.

>> this is butter cup.

>> reporter: butter cup was born last november with his left foot inverted. he couldn't walk. but the lame duck was soon adopted by feather angels waterfowl