TODAY   |  July 20, 2013

Relief in sight for heat-stricken East Coast

A cold front is making its way to the East Coast of the country, which could bring some much-needed relief to residents who have been enduring a heat wave. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports

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>>> that kept millions of people inside for the past week. is there relief in sight? we have the threat of severe weather .

>> good morning, chris. good morning, everyone. if we made it this far, we can handle one more day. today is the last day of extreme heat in and around the philadelphia area . we have the advisories from boston to washington, d.c. temperatures will get into the 90s. it's going to be cooler than yesterday. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like we are around 100 degrees. it's another scorcher today. ift is going to remain uncomfortable with the humidity. the cold front started to cool off areas in the upper midwest . it comes with a line of showers and storms. so far this morning, the heaviest rain across northern ohio. the threat of severe weather goes from new england to northern kentucky . the biggest threat from hail and damaging wind gusts. we are not included in the area in new york city and the coast, i do still think we'll see stronger storms today. later on this afternoon and evening. it cools back down into the 80s