TODAY   |  July 20, 2013

One year later, Aurora shooting victims to marry

One year ago Saturday, a massacre at a movie theater ripped apart the lives of many people in Aurora, Colo.  One young couple has come up with a very special plan to turn sad memories into joy. NBC’s Reyma Ellis reports.

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>> today a somber anniversary in colorado. one year ago today, a shooter stormed into a movie theater in aurora and ripped people's lives apart forever. many are turning the day into a day of action. we have more.

>> good morning, chris. people here are looking back. these 12 crosses were for 12 of the victims were placed here on the hillside across from the movie theater early this morning. they are a symbol of the community's promise to never forget. this morning in aurora, a moment of silence at 12:38 a.m . to remember when a heavily armed gunman opened fire in the crowded theater.

>> we could have lost our lives that day.

>> eugene and kristen survived the shooting. later today , they are getting married.

>> instead of her reluning the memory every year, let's make it a good memory and have you smile about that day.

>> reporter: 12 people killed, 58 injured including eugene who used his body to shield kristin from the bullet. he was shot twice in the leg and took six months learning to walk again. kristen was traumatized.

>> i have my days where i'm perfect and don't think about anything. then i have days where i'm constantly reminded about that night.

>> larry steele .

>> mota.

>> reporter: friday in aurora, the names of thousands of other victims of gun violence were read. it's part of a national effort calling for tougher gun control laws.

>> there's been 52 fridays.

>> tom sullivan 's son died in the movie theater . he was there celebrating his 27th birthday. have you been back to the theater?

>> yes. we sit in alex's row. i sit in row 12, seat 12 and i leave seat 13, which was alex's seat, i leave that vacant and i hold it down so he can watch the movie i'm watching with me.

>> reporter: determined not to be defined by the tragedy they hope it will help everyone to heal.

>> if we can move forward in our lives, they can, too.

>> reporter: kristen and eugene are getting lots of support in this community in their effort to move on. businesses and services are helping them.

>> remarkable how people turn something so horrible into something so