TODAY   |  July 20, 2013

Michael Jackson’s mom: ‘I want to know what really happened’

Katherine Jackson is expected to take the stand again Monday in the wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live. In Jackson’s testimony Friday, she walked jurors down memory lane as she recalled the best times she shared with her son. NBC’s Jinah Kim reports.

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>> it was an emotional day for kathryn jackson speaking in her son's wrongful death lawsuit against aeg live . she broke down several talks walking jurors down memory lane .

>> reporter: for three months she sat quietly in court listening to others talk about her son. on friday, it was kathryn jackson 's turn to take the stand in her wrongful death lawsuit against aeg live . the most difficult thing is to sit in court and hear the bad things they say about my son. a lot of the things are not the truth. i want to know what really happened to my son. that's why i'm here. the 83-year-old matriarch spent most of her time painting a loving picture of michael jackson as the son she adored, not the drug addicted peculiar king of pop the world has heard about. the jury was mesmerized.

>> they really wanted to hear more about the personal nature of michael jackson and his family. some of these stories are things you wouldn't necessarily hear even if you are a casual michael jackson fan.

>> she beamed as the court showed videos and images of her son's career, including the first time america saw his moon walk .

>> i want the jurors to recognize there's people involved in this case. we have seen a lot of testimony about the numbers and e-mails. there are people behind it all.

>> reporter: kathryn jackson went from motherly pride to tearful agony as she recalled the day her son died, the same day she met dr. conrad murray . sometimes a mother is the last to know. my son needed another doctor, not dr. murray . she is the final witness. she and jackson 's three children sued aeg live . aeg live lawyers say it was michael jackson who personally picked and directly supervised murray and there was no way they could have known about the dangerous injections murray gave jackson in his home. the defense is set to begin its case next week.