TODAY   |  July 20, 2013

Witness of roller coaster accident: Victim flew out

People say they looked on in horror as a woman fell to her death at Six Flags over Texas Friday. The woman was riding “The Texas Giant,” one of the largest and most popular roller coasters in the country. NBC’s Veronica De La Cruz reports.

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>> investigation is just getting under way into how this could have happened. the news this morning has definitely put a scare in anyone who has ever ridden a roller coaster . the largest and most popular roller coasters in the country will remain closed following a frightening incident. a woman was ejected from the coaster known as the texas giant on friday evening.

>> we were in line to get on the next ride, the texas giant . when they pulled up, the daughter and son of the lady that flew out of the car were hysterical saying their mother flew out of the car.

>> it's not clear what led to the deadly accident. the theme park released a statement saying we are saddened by the death on the texas giant . the ride is said to be the steepest roller coaster at 14 stories high with a drop of 147 feet. six flags says safety is their top priority and that section of the park is temporarily closed.

>> sad. it was very sad. we were kind of in disbelief. we said a prayer for her.

>> authorities in the mark are in the early stages of the investigation. they will check out her safety restraint . carson and chris?

>> thank you.