TODAY   |  July 20, 2013

Jenna’s creative ways to stay cool

Nearly every state in the country experienced temperatures at 90 degrees or more this week. To beat the heat, a very pregnant Jenna Wolfe searched the city to find the best respite from the sun.

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>> call this operation beat the heat. thanks to the folks at the jcc in manhattan for the perfect backdrop for not only marco polo , but getting out of the blazing sun.

>> walking five blocks from here is like being in the desert or being a loaf of bread inside an oven.

>> reporter: nearly every state in the country this week experienced temperatures of 90 degrees or above putting young children, the elderly and expecting mothers like myself as risk for camps, exhaustion and even heatstroke.

>> it was like 95 through 100 degrees.

>> super, duper, duper hot.

>> reporter: this heat causing quite a flurry. alright that's wishful thinking. people taking extreme measures to stay cold, cool, even just lukewarm. one way to beat the brutal heat, if you are pregnant, find a body of water, hop on a boat, take a tour around the city. instant gratification. alright maybe it's just more hot air blowing in your face. itis better than hot air not blowing in your face. a few other tips...slow down. save the heavy lifting for the coolest time of the day. dress for summer and wear lightweight, light-colored clothing to reflect heat and sunlight . drink plenty of water. your body needs a lot of it to stay cool .

>> it's hot. how would you describe the heat we are going through right now?

>> it's like a schvitz.

>> reporter: if you can't sit in front of the ac all day and you can't find a boat to take you around your city, hit the pool with four of your closest friends. after all, staying hydrated is the key to staying healthy.