TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

Heat wave expected to break over weekend

After record-setting high temperatures this week, the heat wave that has been baking much of the U.S. is expected to diminish by Sunday. Strong storms are also possible over the weekend. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>>> with more on the conditions they're facing out west. and also this heat wave here in the east, al?

>> absolutely. good news for them, the winds will be light but here in the east it's been rough. yesterday jfk setting a record, jfk airport , 100 degrees. 100 along the jersey shore . 90s and the feels like temperatures even worse. here's what we've got going for today. we have excessive heat warnings from washington d.c. all the way up to boston out to detroit, cincinnati. we've got heat advisory as far west as iowa. here's what we're looking at as far as temperatures today. we are going to see a high in new york city of 99. it will feel like 110. look at boston. 100 degrees. it if feel like 106. 108 in d.c. and as we head out west, those feels like temperatures will be, again, in the hundreds. here's the good news, we will see a break coming. that high pressure is going to start to break down. the cooler air from canada will push down to the south starting in the great lakes and by the week's end make it's way into the northeast. however, with that cooler air, drier air pushing into warmer moister air a risk of strong storms and isolated tornadoes from chicago, cleveland and on up into maine and for tomorrow the northeast from cincinnati, columbus, cleveland, rochester, new york city , albany. good news is that will push through. temperatures will drop, humidity levels will drop and everybody will finally get a break from this biggest heat wave in the last 12 years. savannah.