TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

4 fun yoga moves for your next beach trip

Yoga coach Gwen Lawrence joins TODAY fitness enthusiast Sara Haines to show Kathie Lee and Hoda easy yoga moves they can do on the beach, including the tree pose, seated forward bend and easy cross leg poses.

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>>> a great way to beat this heat. but doesn't mean you have to skip your workout. here is gwen lawrence.

>> hi, gwen.

>> hi, darling.

>> so on the beach, yoga on the beach, is it better than yoga in a studio?

>> some poses will be infinitely harder on the beach and some will be easier because you'll be able to use the sand as a prop.

>> i'll show you two easy ones and two hard ones.

>> do you take your mat with you on the sand?

>> no, go right in the sand. make sure that your bikini is situated so there's no malfunctions.

>> or leakage if you are lactating.

>> oh, god.

>> what was that?

>> so first thing we're going to do is tree pose, right? it's going to be very hard on the beach because now you are talking about an unstable surface. so we'll work the stability of the ankle. for young athletes it's amazing and the small muscles in the leg a lot harder than if you were doing it on a cement floor like this.

>> how long should you hold that?

>> 4 hours and 10 seconds .

>> i answer the phone like this. i cook like this.

>> she does.

>> i think i was a flamingo in a former life. this is more comfortable to me than standing on two feet. next a warrior 3. as you can see how hard it would be on the beach. if you just tipped it over and worked all those little muscles in the upper leg and really feel some core work going on.

>> and again, you should hold that pose.

>> a few deep breaths. you don't want to go in it and then quit. give it to time to work those muscles.

>> you are doing great.

>> so next we'll do is easier on the beach because what you can do is you can build up a little sand pile. i'm going to have you sit here in easy cross leg. the block simulating a little sand pile. if you have tight hips or hamstrings it pulls on the pelvis. changes your whole shape and really gives you a lot of pull on your low back. in order to sit up nice and tall, your hips higher than your heels you build a little sand mound. just sitting like this for some people, it's easy for sarah but for some it's very hard and will build up all those muscles in your spine. it's going to open the heart so you can breathe better. when you stand up, your posture will be so much prettier.

>> that's great.

>> and then the last one, we're going to stay on the block and you'll straighten your legs out in front of you for seated forward bend . same thing. a lot of people struggle with this. hamstrings are tight. they never open. if our hips are higher than our heels, it's like you are going downhill. so there's no more pulling and yanking. you're just kind of going with gravity and falling into it. and it just gets a little bit easier.

>> it's a little hill.

>> you can get deeper, quicker.

>> we wish you the best of luck.

>> in september she'll be opening