TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

Glorify your garden with simple landscaping

HGTV hosts Chris and Peyton Lambton explain how you can reveal your beautiful garden by weeding, removing dead flowers, and simple edging and mulching the beds.

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>>> if it wasn't so hot it would be the perfect time of year to get out and work on your garden and yard. but what should you do, and what should you definitely leave up to the pros?

>> chris and peyton l.a..on, the most beautiful people on the planet, have your answer. they are husband and wife and host hgtv's "going inquired."

>> hi, guys.

>> come on, good looking.

>> let's start.

>> ready to get your hands dirty?

>> when we're here, we're going to put you to work.

>> glove up. suit up.

>> so first thing we're looking for weeds. this is an easy way to keep your garden, your flowers, your plants, everything looking nice. and especially in this heat. they'll take away from your flowers.

>> nothing looks fresh in my yard. it's taken a terrible beating.

>> the hydrangeas get killed in this heat.

>> will the plant die or just the blooms?

>> everything will start drooping.

>> those are weeds. that's a ground cover weed.

>> get that out of there.

>> sometimes you have to search for them, pull them all out.

>> and make sure you get the roots, you get the whole thing.

>> i like because there's just --

>> okay.

>> nice job. okay.

>> you guys are just dropping it right on the floor.

>> that is not my --

>> that's what jerry said to do.

>> is this your therapeutic weeding?

>> i love dead heading.

>> who is the challenge. who can make it look good.

>> explain dead heading?

>> i use my hands.

>> it's like trimming your hair. you want to get the dead pieces off so you can promote new growth. make it look nice. you can use your hands if you don't oowant.

>> no, only cut the dead ones off.

>> i did cut the dead ones.

>> watch my finger.

>> is that dead?

>> and then over here.

>> that's not great.

>> that one was kind of --

>> it was close. okay.

>> someone explain -- define dead.

>> hysterical.

>> okay. we did a very nice job.

>> i want it to look round.

>> someone take the scissors away from hoda.

>> which looks better? that or --

>> she's dangerous.

>> next up edging. i was going to do it, but --

>> no, no, you do it.

>> so if you want to make a nice clean line in your lawn, nice sharp shovel.

>> this is something anybody can do at home. just get your shovel out which we all have our heels on so we leave it to the man to do this part.

>> once you get that done, you get a nice clean edge and then eventually you get the edge like this. i'll jump from one to another.

>> that looks good.

>> a little mulch.

>> and the mulch will help keep the weeds out, too.

>> thank you so much. love your show.

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