TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

2 apps to help explore new cities, surroundings

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off two free apps called Wikihood and Around Me that help you find historical facts and fun landmarks when you’re in a new city or town.

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>>> sara. sara haines digs up the best apps and websites.

>> she has some that will help you discover more about your surroundings. you guys are traveling this weekend so you can try it. first a free app called wikihood. we nut -- it can locate you by gps or search by a city or zip code . it pulls up everything of notable content in the area. right now i pulled up 30 rock . you have the ge building , rainbow room . it will pull up people associated with the area and why. relevant reason. so it goes into people. it also, you can rate it by how people have been interested before. so let's say you are a family and don't know where to pick from. this is what people have said that have visited those places.

>> can i tell you how many people come up to us and say what should i do in new york? you can map it. go to top ten and it will tell you where to go.

>> what's it called?

>> wikihood.

>> and it's a free app.

>> okay. even i understood that one.

>> the next one is less educational. more functional. hoed ayou use this one. this is called around me.

>> you've mentioned that before.

>> we want to know a nail salon or --

>> i need one.

>> you have a special person, though.

>> no, i have chips and i'm getting on a plane and i just can't have that, not with my spray tan .

>> let's say we want to find a bar in the area. you search it by where you are. gps again. and it just located where the nearest pub is. we can pick from there. i can also e-mail it or text it to you so it will pull up the information. we're all here come here.

>> if i don't want people to know where i am, if i turn on that app does it mean the gps is on.

>> when you turn on your location services based on the app you are giving permission to. so they won't be able to locate you when you tweet. you are just giving around me permission.

>> perverts cannot find you.

>> with the way hoda looks they'll probably find her anyway but not because you tweeted it. and they are free.

>> thank you, sara .