TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

Demolition crews tear down wrong house

TODAY’s Willie Geist and guest anchor Vanessa Williams chat about the topics making headlines, including a couple who returned to their home last weekend to find it had been accidentally demolished.

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>>> welcome to today on this friday morning, july 19th , 2013 . fall out boy just finished rocking our summer concert stage with a big crowd out there. incredible steamy summer day. more from the guys coming up later this hour. nice and cool inside studio 1 -a. i'm inside with voir dianessa williams here with me while she stars in it through october 9th . i'll be petitions for a further extension. you're selling out the shows, the people love it.

>> the extension, we're almost the last ones standing out of the tony noms so we're happy.

>> a huge success.

>> al had to leave early. natalie is still on baby watch in london. we'll check in with her for the latest assuming there is a latest.

>> let's hope.

>> for her sake.

>> she is knitting --

>> forget the duchess of cambridge. for natalie 's sake.

>> get that baby back.

>> before we get to that stuff, we want to get to the news this morning. i don't know if you saw these incredible photographs of the accused boston bomber tsarnaev. the photos were taken by a massachusetts state trooper , sergeant sean murphy and they show behind the scenes of the manhunt that final day that lead to the capture of the alleged bomber in april. sergeant murphy felt the need to counter the message that the rolling stone magazine cover conveyed. he said as a professional law enforcement officer of 25 years i believe the imagine that was portrayed by rolling stone was an insult to any person that's ever worn a uniform. i hope that the people that see the imagine know this was real. it was as real as it gets. it may have played out on a television show but this was not a television show . state police did not authorize or endorse the release of the photos. he has been suspended and faces disciplinary hearing next week. rolling stone had no additional comment on this.

>> he went out on his own.

>> it was emotional.

>> he took the photographs and released them to the public. he spoke to a lot of people in the police department and in the city of boston and around the world.

>> yeah but they understand the suspension. they have got to do something but it's emotional and to, you know, we lived through it through the television but to actually live in boston and be a part of witnesses the actual capture, i can't imagine.

>> yeah, he said this was not an air brushed hollywood thing. this was real. you see blood, you saw the laser site on his head. incredible photographs there.

>> yeah.

>> a little bit lighter story. not so light for the family that had to endure this.

>> oh my gosh.

>> a demolition team in fort worth texas knocked down the wrong vacant home last week. we can laugh about this can't we? homeowner david underwood and his wife valerie were not living at the home at the time but they planned to renovate it and move into it eventually. they get home on saturday, they had been on vacation here in new york .

>> right? they came here?

>> yeah they came here. as they drove around the corner his wife said to him, quote, the house is gone. a city demolition contractor mistook their place for the crumbling house next door. the city of fort worth put out a statement saying the city staff currently is investigating to what determined what happened. owner says he's not planning to sue. he says he has faith the city will make right and do the right thing.

>> that's nice.

>> if you listen to him in the interview this guy is the most gracious human being i've ever seen. they say aren't you furious? he said you know what there's worst things in the world. it's a mistake and i'm sure they'll fix it.

>> wow, that's good.

>> you get home from vacation and pull around the corner.

>> there's no house.

>> it's gone. ever had anything crazy happen?

>> no, i've had leaky roofs and trees go down and septics overflow. do you want me to get my list. i have fires. that's the joy of being a homeowner.

>> it is. i did landscaping for three summers as a young man and occasionally, let's just say we weren't --

>> good summer job.

>> it was a fun summer job. we weren't the highest end landscaping crew and there was a time when we mowed the wrong people's lawn.

>> they got the benefit.

>> they were like great i don't have to mow my lawn and then we had to mow the other one too. but this guy handled it well. better than most of us would.

>> that is amazing.

>> this is a problem in new york any major city. the ten worst kinds of people that walk on sidewalks. everyone is laughing here because we can identify them all. let's go down the list, the person that walks the same pace as you.

>> that's competition.

>> we can't pass. that's a tough one. the slow walker. we all know that.

>> stroller.

>> the instagramer. this is a new one because they stop and they're taking pictures.

>> yeah.

>> it's a start and stop thing. the large umbrella.

>> bobbing and weaving with that one.

>> the big umbrella . the random stopper. that's a huge one in new york . looking at the buildings and things.

>> yeah.

>> the weaver. the weaver is an interesting one.

>> yeah.

>> you're a weaver?

>> yeah.

>> i'm a speed walker. i treat it like i'm at the daytona 500 . you draft a little bit.

>> total focused.

>> yeah, the bluetooth wearer self-talker and this is a big one, the human wall. people that walk side by side . people come into town, we're glad they're here but they take their whole family of four or five and take up the sidewalk.

>> holding hands and chatter.

>> you look back and there's a row of two blocks.

>> you're in the street because you have to dodge them.

>> that's right. it's an additional hazard to step in the street and a bus comes. dog people is another one and the head phone zombie. people out in another space.

>> that's dangerous too because you can get hit.

>> speed walk as good the way to go.

>> that's right. this one we love and we're going to show it again and again on a loop. this is a wrestler from the central asian country, after he wins a match, look at these moves. celebrating a gold medal victory over a russian opponent with a soviet style dance. how about that.

>> very good.

>> that was in russia on their surf sticking it to them.

>> pointed toe. very good posture. classic dance moves .

>> when i first saw it i thought he was river dancing. it turned out to be more of a russian move.

>> and 1, 2, 3, victory.

>> yeah.

>> a little ankle bob there. he's very good. i wonder if he had any ballet training.

>> he looked like it.

>> he might have.

>> meanwhile his opponent is face down on the mat unconscious. did that guy ever get up? we didn't find out. let's check in with natalie . this is now day five of royal baby watch. you can't see the screen natalie but every day you come on we're stacking up blocks to represent the day. soon enough we won't be able to see your face.

>> i saw it. very cute. applaus aplaus to our graphic's department. we're looking at ways to fill our time. the daily mail came out with ways to trigger labor to kate can finally arrive here and deliver this baby we're all awaiting. i thought i would do investigating and share what they share as well. for the ladies that are overly pregnant right now and want to perhaps enduce labor, this is what they say or recommend. no scientific evidence for some of this though there are some scientific studies that back this up. spicy foods. i did that when i was pregnant with both of mine. you want the baby out. it irritates the digestive tracks. there's a study that says dates can reduce the length of the labor time but also they say it has good qualities to trigger production of the hormone that triggers contractions. tonic without the gin of course.

>> yeah. what's the point.

>> sorry. no fun there. not quite the same that way but apparently it stimulates the same hormone. pina coloda. virgin. but it softens the cervix so that could help move things along. herbs, herbal teas, even raspberry leaf tee. there's properties that can help trigger the hormones. these are all some things and of course willie. i know your wife probably knows this as well, the way to really make it all get going is get to the bedroom and get busy right.

>> that's the x baby.

>> is that true.

>> that's what they say.

>> is it really?

>> yeah, i had four kids.

>> did it work?

>> well they all came early.

>> they did? you were very busy. natalie we love you and admire you, you're talking about pina pinacoladas. find out who the obgyn is.

>> make it happen.

>> did you have summer babies.

>> i had april may june june.

>> june is hot enough though.

>> yeah, in l.a. it was june gloom . so i was fine.

>> my four-year-old son was born in july.

>> oh boy.

>> so we had to be home. you have to be near the hospital. you can't go anywhere. it's weather like this in new york and my wife said one morning we're just going to go walk this baby out. it's over. so 9 1/2 months pregnant we did about 40 blocks. that didn't work. she said i'm going to go laugh it out. we went to see the first hang hangover movie. that didn't work. do you know what does work? modern medicine . let's get