TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

5 powerful photos from the past week

Nicholas Thompson of rounds up some of the most powerful and poignant images of the week, from a young cancer patient’s plea for pizza to an emotional woman protesting the George Zimmerman verdict.

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>> a new series called picture perfect where we look at the stories behind some of the most powerful imagines of the week. nicholas thompson is a editor at new good to see you.

>> good to see you. this tells the story of the week and we have to begin with the heat.

>> i love this photo. it's in queens. you can see the energy and the different colored umbrellas and also a little lethargic but what i like about the photo is it reminds us that this place was destroyed in hurricane sandy 8 months ago and it's come back. it's a slow process but it's back and we're going out there in the sweltering weather.

>> there's a lot of people still struggling but it's good to see the beaches full.

>> absolutely.

>> another photograph i absolutely love this one, this is a two-year-old cancer patient in los angeles at the children's hospital. her name is hazel. tell the story behind this pizza.

>> it's a two-year-old girl going through cancer treatment. she is in the hospital for a long time. they say she loves pizza. so they take medicine tape and write this message send pizza room 4112. nothing happens a few days and then somebody posts it on reddit and pizzas start coming in. it's a great story and also about the time we live in. every message can be a message in a bottle that someone will see and someone will share. there's also a chance.

>> cancer at two years old.

>> incredibly painful but redemptive.

>> i love that the hospital had to finally say we appreciate the gestures but we got more pizza than we can handle. it's the power of social media .

>>> next up, trayvon martin, the big news over the weekend was the verdict and we saw protests. largely peacefully protests across the country. this one in new york city .

>> this is a photograph from times square . it's a woman, it's almost a religious posture. it's a pained posture but you can also see it's not a moment of anger. it's a racially diverse crowd. you can see lingerie ads in the background. it's an imagine of pain but peace and moving forward.

>> a little bit on the lighter side now, jessica alba .

>> oh, come on. she is gorgeous.

>> well, this is the point.

>> this is supposed to be her in her natural state and we're supposed to say she's just like us. she's not. she's gorgeous. she's beautiful.

>> this is instagram. she takes pictures of herself and she seems real. this is why this photograph did so well.

>> she is real and she is gorgeous.

>> she is absolutely gorgeous. the other thing i like about this photo, it's a selfie. these went out of style allyl while ago and now they're back in with instagram. so it's a funny story about a technological trend and about somebody that's beautiful and does well.

>> so she now only looks moderately super human.

>> yeah.

>> it's actually better.

>> yeah, totally.

>> this one above all else of course, the week of the twinkie.

>> twinkie is back.

>> al drove the truck into the plaza on monday and we brought it back.

>> iconic american food . it's back. this is a company that went bankrupt. this is a company that went bankrupt this year. it's a smaller company fewer employees but we can enjoy them and i hope they will.

>> our photo week is a publicity shot of a twinkie. just an open twinkie. fantastic.