TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

Fashion face-off! Vanessa Williams, Willie compete

In a styling competition, TODAY’s Willie Geist and guest anchor Vanessa Williams race to dress models in clothing and accessories appropriate for summer’s heat.

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>>> are you ready for a fashion face-off? we're going to see which one of us knows how to dress to beat the heat.

>> here to determine who is the fashion pro, style expert at what are we doing here?

>> this is a fashion face-off challenge. you'll have 30 seconds each for each challenge.

>> okay.

>> so millions of users have questions about fashion wearing white. what's cool and appropriate for the office, and how do i switch something from at a tonight. so you've got two models. you are in charge of creating the outfit, dressing your model and after 30 seconds i'll stand back and judge your style perspective.

>> it is on, geist. it is on.

>> we got three racks of clothes and three tables of accessories. while we did some what separate them into different categories it's still up to you. you can go to any table and any rack. may the best man or lady win.

>> what's the first category.

>> wear white.

>> office or any place.

>> it's your determination.

>> got you. they're our first set of twins for you to dress, are you ready.

>> yeah.

>> on your mark, get set, go.

>> okay.

>> do you like a white jean? you do.

>> do you like this?

>> you're getting help.

>> no, i just want her to feel comfortable.

>> oh, yeah.

>> come on, come on.

>> you like the flat here.

>> oh boy, is it tough to get o on. here.

>> where are we on time.

>> running behind there vanessa.

>> where is my.

>> where are we on our competition time .

>> oh no. wear it as a head piece.

>> okay. clock's out.

>> time, time.

>> it's going to be an open back look for me. is that okay? i'm so sorry.

>> well, you don't have to put them on. let's compare. let's compare. let's get a little closer. compare our moment. she turned her necklace into a bracelet. i love the prop styling here.

>> they're both great because i love the combination of the necklace with the dress but but i do love how you got the bag with the pop of color that pulled out from the threading. so you know i think this round goes to vanessa.

>> thank you.

>> dealing with hot, hot humidity out there you do want to stay cool . you want clothing that's light weight and breezy.

>> all right. second round. office cool appropriate.

>> cool appropriate.

>> it's cool for the heat but appropriate.

>> wait a minute, okay.

>> thank you to chelsea and louisa for helping.

>> a shirt with that.

>> yeah.

>> and we have got a variety of brands here. everything from ann taylor to h&m to cynthia vincent. we've got all different brands all different price points.

>> look over here.

>> wow, wow. nice.

>> oh, you want shoes don't you?

>> well, maybe she just kicked them off underneath her desk. you know, i have to say that i'm going to award this round -- this is super cute with the top and the collar.

>> right.

>> and by the way, barefoot