TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

Film industry shifts away from G-rated movies

With Hollywood rolling out its big summer blockbusters you may have noticed a lack of G-rated movies, but that doesn’t mean there are fewer films for the whole family to see. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer explains the shift.

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>> great way to beat the heat during a hot summer weekend like this go to a movie theater but have you noticed it's harder and harder to find g-rated movies. what's going on?

>> reporter: released this summer, "monsters university" is in a class of it's own. like other blockbusters out now, this flick is for the kids but it's the only release so far this year that's actually rated g.

>> bottom line , g-rated movies make less money than pg and pg-13 rated movies.

>> reporter: and money talks . from 1995 to 2012 just 276 of the nearly 7,000 pie tofeature films released were rated g.

>> if you can create a pg rated movie that will afeel to young people as well as old people you'll get a much larger audience.

>> reporter: but family friendly movie goers shouldn't be scared off. the marquee is still filled with safe bets. what's changed over the years is our standards.

>> what happens in an r movie would have gotten in an x when the ratings first started. what happens in a pg-13 would have gotten an r before.

>> a few decades ago a g-rated film would clean up at the box office but nowadays the youngest movie goers expect a little more.

>> what's more experts say hollywood is blurring the ratings line making pg the new g.

>> culture has become a little bit more tolerant of more explicit scenes, language, story lines et cetera .

>> reporter: but g isn't gone just yet.

>> this isn't good-bye.

>> it just may be a little harder to find. nbc