TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

Makeup tips: The art of looking natural

Celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams demonstrates how to get flawless, natural-looking skin using new foundations on the market.

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>>> back now at 8:37 with the art of looking natural. everybody wants that perfect complexion free of wrinkles, pimples or scars but a lot of us need cosmetic help to get that. here to show us how to get flawless skin is nikki williams. good morning to you.

>> good morning. thanks for having me.

>> this is the hardest thing to get right in make up because you don't want the cakey look but you want the natural glow. what do we need in our make up bag.

>> not a lot of us have perfect skin so we need the extra help whether it's a tinted moisturizer or the famous creams or full blown foundation but one way or the other don't worry about whether it's a bbcc, find what's right for you.

>> the bb and cc have things other than foundation. that's the point, right?

>> we get confused because a lot of times we're seeing tinted moisturizers. think of them as skin care built into your foundation the same way a tinted moisturizer was before.

>> what do we have here?

>> different things. i want to tell people not to worry because it can get confusing but there's different methods to look for. this one has more skin care built into it. great pigment. also came out with butters that come with these great little brushes and that takes away from the application process.

>> how do you pick the right shade?

>> if you don't have any kind with you, go with something that's going to have a neutral behind it. that's going to work with most skin tones. lot of lines have a primer and and serum built into it and it can help you skip the guess work and also check when you're going to a drugstore, a lot of these companies will allow you to return the products. that's with got a concealer, a serum and primer built into one.

>> all in one.

>> all in one.

>> my hand looks younger already. what do you like about these?

>> this is the luminous silk foundation. it has a ton of pigment. it's a super light weight formula.

>> as far as technique, this is katie, one of our book producers here today. show us how you would apply it on here.

>> what's incredible about it is you have all the smart shade pigments within this one product. this is actually almay spart shade. you see it right there. it goes on white and there's so many pigments within this product that it matches right into katie's skin tone . so it's incredible. it will take the guess workout of finding that perfect color as long as you fall within, you know, whether you're a light or a medium or a dark kind of spectrum within the range of your foundation.

>> okay. let's show her over here. she has a little bit darker of a complexi complexion. what do you recommend?

>> i wouldn't want to mask her skin. i would take a lot of pigment and light weight formula. i would spot correct.

>> it's not a full face of foundation.

>> this is great for summertime if you have good skin because what you can do is go in there and cover where it's needed the most and you can see it just kind of when you have that really thin formula it goes right into where you need it and then melts into your skin to where you have a really natural look.

>> it helps to have good genes.

>> exactly.

>> thank you so much. great