TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

New KFC restaurants say goodbye to the Colonel

The iconic symbol of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders, is nowhere to be found in new franchises of the chain, as KFC attempts to appeal to a wider demographic with healthier options like salads and rice bowls. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>> by the way, fans of kfc could be stressing out this morning. the fast food chain is moving into new territory. it's testing a new upscale dining experience without the colonel. kevin is in vernon hills illinois and he's a little stressed up this morning.

>> matt, i'm looking a little debonair this morning because i'm looking to try the latest trend in fine dining , fast food .

>> reporter: fast food is getting fancy. the latest entree comes from none other than the colonel himself. but get this, the iconic imagine of colonel sanders is nowhere to be found at the new kentucky fried chicken . it's forks instead of fingers as kfc unveiled a new menu complete with salads, flat bred sandwiches and rice bowls.

>> it's probably a good business decision for them and good for everyone eating there as well. next month, kfc 11, a contemporary dining experience named after the secret herbs and spices.

>> it's not unusual for an old steady brand to try to become new.

>> many fast food giants are chasing chains that offer casual dining like panera bread which offer more of a feel.

>> fast casual restaurant sales skyrocketed where standard sales grew just 4.6%.

>> what americans want is quick, inexpensive new options.

>> the new kfc 11 restaurant comes on the heels of a revolution at kfc .

>> frank ate the bones.

>> you ate the bones.

>> others, though are hanging on tight to that family bucket.

>> i can't imagine getting better. i guess i love it the way it is.

>> the first kfc 11 is set to open in louisville. the home of kentucky fried chick chicken. but seriously folks, is there any other way to eat this stuff except with your fingers?