TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

How flip-flops may be damaging your feet

It’s the time of year when many of us ditch the heels and slip into something a little more comfortable. But seemingly innocuous flip-flops can actually cause pain in your feet, knees, hips, and more. Sports medicine physician Dr. Jordan Metzl warns of the negative effects of the summer footwear.

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>> of year when many of us ditch the heels and slip into something more comfortable. our flip flops .

>> if you're not careful they could cause a lifetime -- good morning. is it just that people want us to attack us? they don't want us to be comfortable in heels or flip flops ?

>> i don't want to be the guy that's hated in america for telling the millions of viewers that are going to wear flip flops it's a bad idea.

>> but.

>> but in my office and many offices across the country we'll see people come in from having uncovered feet or the wrong sand sanda sandals.

>> what kind of foot damage do you see?

>> we do see some. there's several kinds. we made a graphic i'm going to show you guys. the way to think about it here, i'm going to divide the foot in half. these are the winter foot injuries everybody wearing high heels it squeezes their toes together, those are the winter injuries. back here is the s, the summer injuries and the most common here is here, an that's achey arch and that is bad. it can ruin your summer and that comes with in this achey arch and as you can see here there's not much support in this shoe and that person is going to be unhappy and going further up the leg, problems such as on this side we see problems in the knee and sometimes problems in the hip and you might think that's my knee or hip but it can be coming from your shoe and shoe wear. so these things don't happen all the time.

>> this can lead to problem with the way you walk and run.

>> the movement in walking with flip flops or running in shoes that don't have enough support can make a difference. in this graphic we can see this person is rolling into the midding. i'm going to put an arrow at their knee. the knee points into the middle. this is happening because of how this person's foot is hitting the ground.

>> who runs in flip flops .

>> again, sometimes people do.

>> great response.

>> that's true, no one runs. maybe a five-year-old.

>> no but some of the running shoes that don't have enough support the same concept you don't have enough arch support .

>> i know you're not here to totally kill our joy so if we want to get flip flops you have advice. first thing is good support?

>> that's right. good support makes a big difference. i'll grab these guys. if it's ugly you guys aren't going to wear it. so we want something with a good arch support that's still fasable and there's a number of shoe companies making it. if you can find something you like like this guy, that can make a big difference in supporting that arch and doing away with the problems.

>> and too flat could be a problem but that doesn't mean three inch flip flops are the answer.

>> those are hot, though.

>> how do women walk?

>> these things are tough. these big -- the further you are off the ground. i had somebody in my office last week with not this exact pair or something like this, she rolled over in a pothole and broke her foot. the further you are off the ground.

>> i've fallen off shoes like that actually. and you like more support if there's a strap across the bridge of the foot.

>> i don't want to make you a fashion victim but having a little more support in your fore foot can make a big difference.

>> i love all the disclaimers. i don't want you to hate me or make you a fashion victim but here's the news.

>> he comes in peace. thank you so much. we appreciate it. good advice. coming up, are g-rated movies an endangered species ? and we'll head outside for a live concert from the hit band fall out