TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

Rahm Emanuel dances at Robin Thicke concert

A new viral video shows the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel getting down and shaking his hips at a Robin Thicke concert.

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>> meantime, trending on the website of the atlantic magazine, a lot of people find it hard to sit still when they hear robin thicke 's anthem blurred lines, well, you can add the chicago mayor to that group. someone caught him in action. at first you can see it's a little bit of -- i don't know if you would call it dancing. but then suddenly.

>> undoing the cuffs.

>> can't help himself.

>> look out.

>> he's feeling the beat.

>> he gets into full dance mode. anyway, it's funny.

>> we should call him and see if he wants to come.

>> yeah, i don't know. he's a former ballet dancer , though.