TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

Study: Restaurant calorie menus don’t work

A new study indicates that putting calorie counts on menus doesn’t actually affect the choices made by consumers, who still choose their favorite foods, regardless of calorie count.

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>>> attention when you go into a restaurant and you look at the calories listed on the menus? chances are you don't according to a new study. researchers found that no matter how much information was posted on the menu, diners still chose basically whatever foods they liked instead of the healthier options. what's more, when the menu included additional details about calories it didn't make darges. the majority of men and women ate more than the recommended intake. it's in place in several states and restaurants nationwide are going to have to adopt the practice.

>> do you look?

>> i look but if you're going and you want a doughnut you're familiar with the fact that it's not a healthy option so you're just going to get it.

>> pizza, lettuce leaves. most people know these things.

>> i stopped drinking a coffee drink at one place but i kept eating my burger at another place. it was depending on what i really wanted.

>> to me, if you're going into kfc. you know, what does the f stand for?

>> fried.

>> what are you getting at?