TODAY   |  July 19, 2013

Do Americans have more royal baby fever than Brits?

Baby fever has hit America hard, from magazine spreads and late-night TV fodder to cupcakes created for the occasion and royal-inspired clothing. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports on royal baby obsession in the U.S.

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>> the wait for the royal baby. natalie is at her post outside st. mary's hospital in front of the most watched door in the world. natalie , good morning to you.

>> good morning to you guys. well, yes, as you can see the media have already swarmed this area here. everybody awaiting word. now when the royal baby finally does arrive i think it's safe to say it's going to be pretty hard for me to be standing right here with this incredible shot. a lot of interest in the u.s., interest at an all time high leading many here to ask do americans care more about the royal baby than the britts.

>> all week photographers from all over the world fix sated on that door. no country more than usa. it hit america hard.

>> kate the great is three days late, i just can't wait for her to dilate.

>> reporter: sprinkles the california based chain created cupcakes for the occasion only revealing the secret after the gender is unveiled. they're offering royal inspired infant clothing.

>> americans are obsessed with the birth of the royal baby. it's a phenomenon we don't have in the united states but it's like a fairy tale come true.

>> reporter: there's even a live stream at the hospital available 24/7. and it's no secret i've got a case of royal baby fever. americans are not alone. the whole baby has become fascinated with the future baby cambridge. so does the world care more about the royal baby than the british.

>> we do need to remember in all of this hysteria that not everybody in this country is enthusiastic about the monarchy. the majority don't feel that way. the majority of people still like the royal family .

>> reporter: a new poll shows 77% of brits still support the monarchy.

>> everyone is thrilled.

>> good to be in britain at the moment.

>> and to give you an idea about the world's interest, this week 1.3 million tweets about royal baby and according to yahoo the number of searches for royal baby due date is up by 1800 % just this week alone. everybody wondering when this royal baby is going to finally enter the universe. guys, guesses on your part?

>> some of those searches is when is natalie coming home ?

>> i think it's going to happen sometime tomorrow morning . tomorrow morning . that's my guess.

>> i'm going to say this afternoon. friday baby.

>> i think you're right.

>> i'm going to go with monday. start the week off right with a baby.

>> as long as it's after 10:00 .

>> al and savannah saturday.

>> natalie , thank you very much. coming up, a potential witness